Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Pat was going on a campout during spring break with his scouts.  Therefore taking off two days of work.  Therefore can't take off work to spend time with his OWN family.  So I decided to show him... by locking myself up in a car with my kids for three days on our OWN trip.  Take that! 

I wasn't really mad, and I am perfectly happy sitting at home, but just felt like we needed to get out and do SOMETHING memorable.   So we went to Arizona for the first half of the week, and Pat went to White Sands for the second half.  He got home this afternoon finally, and we're so glad it's Conference weekend so we can relax together finally!

Here's some of the scouts at White Sands New Mexico.  They had a great time!

And here are way too many pictures of our trip to Arizona.  There was no shortage of trains to Charlie's delight.
Do-Do Tain!
And no shortage of big beautiful skies and landscape.  Dallas took all these pictures.

I finally found the Indian jewelry store that I had lost.  It's called Chaco Canyon Trading Company off the Milan exit about 1hr 45min away from my house.  It's just a lame gas stop but the jewelry is more abundant and prettier than any I've seen anywhere.  The cost is lower also since it's by the reservation where it's made.  Much of it is then sent to Santa Fe and all over the country.  The gallery is huge and all the jewelry is arranged by color in sectioned off areas.   You can also watch people making the jewelry. 

Including this one.  Grrr....

We stopped at the store on the way and I let everyone pick out a snack to take on the trip.  I was proud of us!  Pickles, Cheese Sticks, Grapes, Animal Crackers, Roasted Edamame, French Bread, Oranges, and Bananas.  We pretty much got the same things on the way home too.  Nice car lunch!  I HATE fast food, but unfortunately, that's all we could ever find come dinner times.  Bleh.  Bleh. Bleh.  Tastes good going in, feels so gross immediately afterward.  Fast food.  Maybe it's called that because you're better off fasting.

We stopped at this shop where they had hundreds of things made from wood.  We want the huge wagon wheel 6 seater rocking chair!

Hotel pool was closed.  SUCH a bummer.  But this huge hot tub was open.  Yea!!

Sam and Evan.  Best of friends in the back seat.

Went to a train place in Scottsdale, AZ.  Scottsdale is gorgeous, and the kids loved it.  They got to ride on the Merry Go Round and a small train.

On the small train.

They had a fantastic park, but Charles and Leia just wanted to play in the sand. 
Then we went to a kids museum in Phoenix that was free for us since it's related to our museum membership here.  It was okay.  Glad I didn't have to pay.  All of us are in this picture.  It had these cool robots that weren't real that you could move around, kick around, whatever.
After that, we realized it was really HOT outside! 
Time to get ice-cream!  Charle had to completely change his clothes after this.  Leia too.  The boys their shirts.  Okay, my shirt too!  It was melting so fast!  Arizona is hot.

Then we went to Mesa to the temple to get seats for the Easter Pageant.  It was really nice.  Only wish the sound hadn't been pre-recorded.  It seems more from the heart if people do their own talking and singing.  The dancing was terrific.  And no one knew if we were supposed to clap or not throughout.   Charlie's favorite part was the airplanes that passed overhead continuously heading for a nearby airport.  There were also lots of helicopters.

Amongst the flowers at the beautiful Mesa Arizona Temple.
One of my favorite paintings.

The stage was HUGE, and there must have been thousands of people there, but my phone died after this picture.  Here we are in our seats next to the sound tent.   Before it started, the actors walked around meeting people and even brought their animals!  Leia and Charles were fascinated with the sheep! There were about 500 actors and they did an amazing job.  Especially considering they are all just members of the church volunteering their time.  I couldn't believe it.
We were up late that night because our hotel was in Payson AZ, so we had to drive for more than an hour, not getting back until 11:30pm.  (12:30 NM time).  So we were exhausted.  The next morning, we slept in, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast (the kids love that) and swam once more before beginning the looong drive home.  It was only about 6 hours, but there were several traffic holdups that added another hour. 

Dallas was the one person in our family that got to go on BOTH trips.  He passed out after he got home today from White Sands.  *smile* 
We're glad we got to do something fun this week for relatively cheap.  Our friend got us a deal at an inexpensive hotel chain he works for.  Dallas cleaned out my car and helped pack everything.  The kids were so helpful and good.  The only time we had trouble was waiting the three hours for the pageant to start.  We are so thankful to be home and safe. 


Steph said...

We (TJ & I) miss you guys so much! I'm glad you got away for a few days. I still cannot believe how much your kids are growing. I really like the picture of D sleeping. It seems fitting for such a busy week.
Love you guys!

Karisa said...

Thanks sister! Can't wait to see you guys again too!

Christy said...

What a fun mini vacation. You guys did a lot! The pictures were fun. I agree with you on the Fast food. It is the WORST. It is what I hate about the drive to UT. I usually try to at least find a subway or something but it doesn't always work. Glad you were able to have some fun during your spring break!