Saturday, May 23, 2015

School's Out!!!!

Another wonderful performance of our children put together by Mrs. B.  She is beyond words amazing.  I've never seen anyone choose such challenging and wonderful pieces.  The kids perform them so expertly that they are actually excited to sing.  They know their parts cold.  They stand tall, smiling with confidence.  And that's saying something because these pieces have so many parts!  I've never seen kids this age perform so well.  Heck, I hardly ever see anyone of any age perform this well.  Can you tell I love it?!?!

The night started out with the 6th grade girls singing several songs.  They did a STUNNING job.  Then the sixth grade boys, including Dallas, did a few and got HUGE applause.  I could tell that even though Dallas was nervous, he was loving it.  Especially the song where they really hammed it up: If I Only Had a Brain. 

It wasn't corny, stupid, or too childish.  It was just clever.  The perfect kind of funny for this age.  I was proud of Dallas, because some of the boys dropped out of choir (Mrs. B doesn't force anyone to sing), but Dallas loves music and was true to himself.  I wouldn't have cared if he quit.  I just want him to be himself, and do the things that make him happy using the gifts God gave him.

Later the upper grades sang their fabulous pieces.

On a different day, we came to watch Samuel perform his civil war play.  Mrs. B outdid herself again with the songs.  There was a bit of acting interspersed with music and recitations.

The Recitations were done by the entire class in unison: O Captain! O Captain!, The Gettysburg Address, and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

The songs were: The Battle Cry of Freedom, The Union Forever, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, Suppertime, Goober Peas, Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier, The Cruel War is Raging, Tenting on the Old Campground, The Blue Tail Fly, Oh! Susanna, Pop Goes the Weasel, Yonder Come Day, Shenandoah, When Johnny Comes Marching, Battle Hymn of the Republic.
Sam is in both of these pictures but he's really hard to see.  Aren't the costumes just great?!  They looked so cool marching in.

The last day of school was overcast, cold and rainy like this whole weird spring.   We've hardly seen the sun since spring break!!

Sadly, one of our favorite teachers, Mr. M is leaving us.  I so wanted Sam to have him next year that I feel deflated and want to return to homeschooling.  It is so rare to find a teacher that is, A)Male, B)Excellent, & C) Excellent!  He has a great sense of humor and he demands excellence from the students.  I will miss hearing about the great philosophical discussions they had in class.  These kids learn about things I never even learned in high school and then Mr. M gives them weeks to just discuss the things they learned in class, working their minds, rather than just memorizing answers.  He taught History, Math, and Science for Dallas.  Dallas excelled, read tons of books, and memorized many important works.

Since Sam is a year ahead in math, he got to go to Mr. M's class too for math.  Dallas is a year ahead too, but we just taught him at home and he sat in the 6th grade class doing 7th grade work.

Our other favorite teachers, Mrs. S and Mrs. H.  These ladies gave Dallas (last year), and Sam (this year) the confidence to not only be their best, but to have fun!  This is the first school year Sam has done from start to finish.  He became so responsible and made great friends. He took care of all his own work, packing lunches, getting up and ready, while getting A's! 

My friend who just had twins is moving away.  I'm so sad.  I've been driving her daughter to and from school most days so that she wouldn't have to take these babies out in the cold.  Super mom!

I've been helping my other friend Chantelle also; getting her daughter home from school and her house ready to sell.  She is also possibly moving away and has been going through a lot, to put it mildly.

Anyway, lots of good happened this year at school and we are so glad it's now summer vacation!  Lot's of big decisions to make this summer.  Evan's year at home wasn't that great.  We really did have too much going on for me to focus on that very well.  He'll have to continue into the summer.  Girl's camp is coming up in just a couple weeks, then Pat's camp the next month.  It seems my school will never end.  It's not over until the end of July.  College is rough.  Drives me crazy.  Best thing about it is that I get to meet with these awesome people every Thursday night.  I need a better picture; four people are missing.  But I get to meet with an actual Albuquerque policeman!  And a female boxer! And Santa Claus!  All members of the church.  All awesome.
I went to my work out group pretty consistently this whole school year.  Now we break for the summer since swim lessons are early in the morning for most of us.

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