Monday, June 22, 2015

Evan's Party

Practically on my way out the door for Girls' Camp, I realized I needed to have a birthday party for Evan since he would turn nine while I was gone.  I finally decided on a pig theme since I had seen this mud pig cake going around the internet.  I couldn't find the right frosting recipe, and my sister wouldn't answer her phone so it didn't turn out quite right, but tasted fine.  I think Evan really liked it!
He, Sam, and I made the pig-yata.  It was filled with pink bubble gum and army guys.

We played Grunt-Piggy-Grunt, ate breakfast sandwiches with bacon, and had a very relaxed, fun party.  I was going to make everyone eat their mashed potatoes dinner out of a trough but it didn't happen.  Chalk that up to being distracted with so much else going on.   I was trying to finish tons of school work so I could go to camp, plan and prepare the food I was supposed to take up, pack my stuff, just so much craziness!  Aaagghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan is a bear now, so we gave him the Bear scout book, a bear slingshot, some clothes, and a CD player.  He likes to listen to books and can now do that in his room.  I think he really liked it! 

Evan just finished the first wave of swim lessons for the summer and had a great time.   Other than that, I can't think of anything else to say besides that he helps me at home a lot and is a great kid.  Just the same Evan as always.  He and Sam have been really thankful lately.  He always says thanks for buying me this or thanks for making me that.  It's really thoughtful.  I asked him how he feels now that he's nine and he said, "Everything's the same, except now I have more things."

Pat's sister Kat had come to visit him while I was away at girls' camp, we picked her up at the airport the day before the party so she got to celebrate Evan with us, it was great.

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