Saturday, June 20, 2015

While Mom was in California

While Karisa and Leia were partying in California we were having a blast here in New Mexico.  We dropped them off at the airport and then stopped at Costco to get what we needed to get through the weekend....cereal and milk.  Well, and some lunch meat and to restock the pantry with other necessities.   We then came home, played some board games and watched several episodes of Merlin.  We usually have to go slow with that show because Leia gets scared with it and the times when the boys stay up and she's asleep are few and far between but we got several episodes in this weekend.

On Saturday we decided to drive to one of our favorite pools in the area, the Rio Rancho Aquatic Center, about an hour drive from our house.  We packed up, Evan came in and said he was going to put our bag into the car, we finished getting ready and then left.  We got to the pool and discovered that Evan had just moved the bag to the living room, Charlie and I were without swimming suits.  We sat in the car for a minute or two and then went to Target and bought diapers, wipes, two swimming suits and some swimming diapers.  Our quick trip to the pool just got $50 more expensive.

Every time we've gone to the pool Charlie gets scared, he doesn't like the noise or the water.  I was determined to get him into the pool this time.  We spent about 20 minutes near the start of the zero entry pool with just our feet in the water, where it was about 8 inches deep.  After a while he started splashing with his feet, then his hands.  Before I knew it he was climbing in and out over the edge into that 8 inch deep water.  We started taking walks through the shallow parts of the pool and by the end of the day he was going down the frog slide, splashing and having a great time.

After church on Sunday we decided to go for a hike and a picnic.

Starting on the trail.  Charlie had found a walking stick to be like his brother.  He was hilarious with this short stick...take a step, poke the ground, take a step, poke the ground.

We tried to find four geocaches on this hike, the one on top of this ridge is the only one we had any luck with.  Hiking this canyon our GPS is terrible and keeps jumping around showing us in lots of different spots.

Evan climbing to the top with his brother.

We can almost see our house!

Looking back the way we came.

Dallas and Charlie waiting at the bottom.

One really neat thing about the mountains by our house is that the rocks are really, really, really old.  Fossils abound in a lot of the rocks, you can't see it very well here but this one has a sea-shell showing.

Goofballs at a rest break.

Every time we hike this canyon the boys try to climb this boulder that sits in the middle of the path.  Sam finally conquered it on this trip.

Charlie was really, really excited about our picnic...and the birds that kept coming by to visit us.  We heard a woodpecker and saw several robins and blue-jays.

The stream that runs by the picnic grounds.
I've always been of the opinion that the more children you have the easier each successive kid is.  I still believe that is true to some extent but I had to re-evaluate that as most of what we did with Karisa gone we couldn't have done with one parent and Leia along.  The hiking and swimming would have been too hard with one adult.  We had a very, very fun boys only weekend.

Charlie decided to party a little too hard though.....

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