Saturday, July 11, 2015

A day in the life...

June is here!  Break out the cigars!!!  What?  It's July you say?!  Maybe, but we're smokin' cigars because our new cousin and niece June is finally here!!!  Congratulations Stephanie and T!!!

Now on to our boring news...
The bulls are back! This bull fixed on Dallas as he snapped this picture.

Swimming pool!  Every day of the week since the beginning of June we've been at swim team, water polo, and swim lessons.  In other words we're at the pool almost 3 hours a day and then we have polo games at night and swim meets on the weekends.  I finally bit the bullet and decided to do this after dodging it for years.  With my kids going off to scout camps and such, they need to know how to swim.  I have actually really been enjoying it!  Plus the kids are worn out and we don't feel so bad not doing much the rest of the day.
Sam on right.  His teacher is showing them the breaststroke kick.
I also enjoy it because I get to talk with other moms from my Stake who are also there for hours. We sit out on the picnic tables and have a great time with our kids running around.  Lots of moms means lots of kids to play with for my kids.  The kids build homes with sticks and leaves, play in mud and puddles, draw chalk, do hair, etc.; just everything kids should do in the summer.  Tera has (almost)7 kiddos, Dion 7, Cathy 6, Me 5, Julie 5, Misty 4, Rachel 4, Erin 4, Nichole 3, and many other moms who come and go not as regularly.  It's so fun!

Now hear the tale of the scary hair that just kept getting bigger. See, I got 5 inches taken off my hair recently because it was split-endy, and for some reason my hair turned huge and out of control.  Like a giant pyramid. 

I don't like having to do a lot of work on my hair and  I was having to straighten it daily to not look like a back woods lunatic. That is so damaging and time consuming! What made me even more sad is that before I cut it a couple months back, I could just put a little gel into it after the shower and it turned out all wavy and gorgeous. Viola!

I don't know how a haircut can change so much but it ruined everything!  I miss my hair.  But waiting for it to grow 5 inches back when it was this full was torture.

On the 4th of July, we went to Wal-Mart to grab some things and I found out their hair salon was open so I marched in and asked the nice lady there to try to make it look more normal.  They did a pretty great job for $15.  I was glad they were open because when I let hair problems bother me for too long without doing something, then I take scissors to myself, and that never turns out well.  One time I even made Pat cut my hair.  Ha ha. (I'll post an after as soon as I have one- sorry!)

In better hair news, I finally figured out how to do a cute braid in Daisy's hair!  A young woman at Girl's Camp taught me how when she did it on my hair.  I was so thankful!  I love it and it's fast!

I had to laugh after church one day when there was such a cruel difference in the quality of our lunches.  I had just finished the last bite of my peanut butter sandwich when Pat sat down and began digging into his beautiful omelet with the works.  
I haven't felt much like cooking lately.  Can you tell?

My only good food thing to share recently is the beauty of the pasta salad that you can eat off of all week.  I like to put chicken in it and bacon bits or parmesian cheese any any veggies you like.  It's different every time I make it.

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