Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In no particular order...*updated*

We've been planning to refinance our house as part of our focus on getting out of debt, and nothing makes you see how much your house has been neglected as when visitors come and stay with you.

It's our choice to neglect things, since we are paying down debts first rather than buying nice things first, but the when Rick and Sunny were here I caught myself saying things like, "Sorry about the breaking table and chairs... they were from the thrift store and have been well used.  We hope to buy new ones someday."

Then it never seemed to stop! When we wanted them to step precariously through our savage backyard to the swings, we said, "sorry about the chicken poop covering the back porch ... we hope to build a new chicken coop and fence to keep them off the back porch."

Then there was, "sorry- I'll just have to dig you guys out some cups....the dishwasher has been broken for months so we only have one cup for each of us", and, "oh- does the fireplace look the same as your last visit years ago?  We still hope to finish it someday...", and, "yes, the water from the kitchen sink is dripping through that gap in the counters and down into the wall... we hope to get a new one-piece counter top soon so that won't happen anymore", and, "sorry about all the mud", (it had been raining a TON), "we hope to buy more rocks for our road someday to decrease that", and speaking of mud (and ash and general grossness), "sorry about the disgusting carpet...", and regarding their kids getting covered in mud in the sand-box pool, "sorry about the rain water spilling into the sandbox", and, "please forgive the big stains where you sit down on the couch...some of our kids didn't know that water and leather don't mix" (or paint and leather, or barf and leather, etc.), and, "yes that hose just leaks constantly... we don't look forward to tearing our our shower to go into the wall and fix it, but we hope to someday...", etc.  Either before or during their visit, there were problems with our refrigerator , our washer and dryer, and embarrassment over not having a nice bedroom set and having a very dirty van with almost 200,000 miles on it... it just never seemed to end, which is weird because I really love my house and where I live. 

And it's not like Rick and Sunny were judging us.  They are the most understanding brother and sister ever.  It's just when we looked at this situation through others eyes it suddenly seemed a lot worse.

So the good news is we have invested in a new living room floor!  Gone is the nasty carpet!  We have to worry about scratches and wetness, but are glad that we'll be able to sweep up wood ash and fireplace mess.  Maybe it'll even help with the refinance.  Isn't it lovely?!  It has been a huge undertaking and it's not over yet, since the installers stepped on glue and left tracks and now we're wondering if they'll give us discount or have to come re-do 1/3 or the floor.  I am dreading that, because we've been living with all our furniture in the kitchen and bedrooms, but we paid for a floor without glue tracks.  This is part of why we paid installers.  Everyone said it's easy and to do it ourselves, but then they also tell stories of buckling boards and agonizing days of going back over it and trying to get it right.  We just don't have the time for all of that.  Yet here we are...

We also broke down and bought a new table and chairs from Costco because ours only seated 6, so for some months one of us has had to share a seat.  Plus the fact that the old set was mismatched, dirty, and breaking.  Wish we had done this before Rick and Sunny came, but we were just too busy.  We love the 9 piece set we bought.  It's counter height and will work great for many things, though it does take up a lot more room and it seems to scratch if you look at it the wrong way.  Pat labored hard to assemble it all and two of the eight chairs were defective, so we had to go back to the store and exchange them for two more...aagghh!

On the subject of money, say goodbye to this boy...

...and say Hello to this one!  Look who just got braces!!!!  He loved his new look, until last night when he couldn't eat and was in a lot of pain.  He got through the procedure really well though and we hope he'll feel better in a couple of days.  We got him lots of soft foods. *Update: He couldn't bite down in the back because his top front teeth were hitting the front bottom brackets, so I had to take him in today and they put glue on his back teeth to chew on since his molars don't meet and they say this is temporary until they can move his top front teeth out.  I think this is strange because he has an overbite already so they say and now they're trying to bring his front teeth more out!?  I don't like this at all, but am trying to trust them.  So now when he chews with his back teeth, he'll really only be chewing with glue.

The boys took this picture last night because they were busting up that Charlie was copying me. I love Charlie.  He is a master of Wan doo (I don't want to!).  When I tell him he has to take a nap (or anything he doesn't like), he pouts and says, "Wan doo!".  Unfortunately for him, I am a master of Haf doo.

That moment when you almost sprinkle Benefiber on your spaghetti instead of Parmesian.

I finally finished the Pathway program, earning 15 college credits in this last year and probably continuing online through BYU-I.  I am waiting to hear if they'll accept any of my former credits. I want a degree, but I like to do things thoughtfully and it's so hard when we have so many other priorities.  I might only take one class a semester and take 8 years to finish. By the way, I probably could not have done this without Pat.  He helped me so much to understand things and helped with all the computer stuff.  I am so lame with computers.

Pat made us all go to a baseball game to celebrate.  Actually this was free tickets for his work night and we had a good night hanging out with all his work friends though I really did not want to go.  I need a break so bad and am hanging by a thin thread of sanity.  I feel like Pat's always at work or gone for a variety of other reasons and I just love it when we're home for the weekend with nowhere to go.  I wished I had a "Get out of one activity free" card.  Sometimes nothing else matters when it comes to Pat and baseball though and he begs me to come 'cause I'm so awesome.

The Dukes (Albuquerque) were playing the Sacramento River Cats which is affiliated with the Giants.  Pat was wearing his Giants hat, and both he and Sam brought gloves to the game and the River Cats threw them three balls!!  We might have been the only ones there rooting for them *smile*

This is the final score of the final Water Polo game.  Dallas' team lost and got 2nd place which isn't too bad for all of Albuquerque!  The age was 11-14 years of age.  There were some games so evenly matched that we were all gripping the bars and screaming and freaking out for the entire game.  I am really proud of Dallas since he was new and it was hard.  He is a much better swimmer now and we hope he can do even better next year.  I played water polo in high school and I forgot how much fun a good game is.  These kids had amazing talent and each game was brutally fought. 

A break to contemplate stacking all this wood.  Okay.

Wanted to get this book and maybe train for a triathalon with my kids.  A kid one.

Trip with my friend Kristie and her kids to the zoo before she has her 11th baby!

Friendly monkey above, and friendly peacock below.
While we were at the zoo, Sam tried to fit between two very close cement walls and ended up getting his head completely stuck.  For 25 minutes that seemed like an hour we tried to get him out, first me, then zoo staff, then concerned citizens.  I wanted to scream and break down the wall.  The claustrophobia was killing me.  I was really scared and helpless, but somehow remained really calm and just talked soothingly to Sam as we tried to loosen him.  His head was angled up and both ears were smashed flat against the stucco and we could not get him to budge in any direction.  You'd think if he got in he could get out right?  But he was solid and immovable.  I considered yanking him, but knew it could break his neck the way he was wedged in.  People were gathering around trying to help, each taking a turn to try and move Sam up or down or tilting his head in any direction.  One lady was really wonderful and kept asking him questions and I later asked her if she was an ER nurse and she said, "No, I've just been stuck in a lot of weird situations like this in my life."  Sam was super upset and we were all just trying to keep him calm while the paramedics came, though I knew there was nothing they could do either.  Nor was there anyway to saw or sledge hammer the wall down.  It was really terrifying. The zoo staff said another kid got stuck the same way a month earlier and showed me the scrapes on the wall where they had to chisel him out. Then for no apparent reason, right as the paramedics walked up, Sam was able to move back out the way he came in.  All the emotions I had been holding back to remain calm came out and we cried and held each other.  All happened before my friend and her kids got there.  So as soon as the paramedics checked him out and left, Kristie strolled up and we were off to see the zoo as if nothing had happened. It was so weird.  Sam was really shaken up for a while though, and one zoo security officer felt it would help if he lectured Sam to never go in there and do that again.  As if he was that stupid.  It was humiliating for Sam.  I just smiled and nodded while thinking, "This guy must not have any kids."

Charles wanting to be like his swimming brothers.  Sam and Evan will most likely be in the swim and water polo teams next year.  They've been doing great at their lessons.

The swim season has come to an end and I am sad and happy.  Sad that I won't get to connect with friends as we hang out at the pool for hours each day, happy to have a break and get ready for school.  The water polo tournament fell the same week as my finals so I was stressed out and got sick.  We had to be at the pool hours every morning and then at the tournament pool hours each night and fit homework into all of that.  I have many things to do for my calling and personal stuff to catch up on.  I am a person who needs space to be with myself and center (like a child misses their blanket).  Otherwise I get wound tighter and tighter.

...sorry if this post seems to complain a lot.  I feel the weight of many things right now. 

I'm trying...


Christy said...

I understand how you feel. I think my house is good, until someone comes over and then I find myself apologizing all the time. I did it just today with the new sister missionaries that stopped by unexpectedly. I am really trying to work on it. I realize that most people don't even notice the little things that I do, or care. I love my house, so I should expect others to as well. It is a process though. I LOVE the new flooring. I am sorry you are having issues but glad you paid someone to do it so they can fix it for you. Yay for new chairs and tables too. We have a small, thrift store table, and homemade benches (so they would fit under the table). Someday we will get new tables but for now, we are doing okay. :) Glad to see you getting some fun new things!

Looks like you're having a GREAT summer!

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy!!! Love your comments.

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy!!! Love your comments.

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy!!! Love your comments.