Monday, July 27, 2015

San Isabel Scout Ranch

This summer our troop decided to travel a bit further than normal and we went up to San Isabel Scout Ranch in Colorado.  It is almost a five hour drive from our home town to get there so we went up on on Saturday so we didn't have leave really early on Monday or travel on Sunday. We were in charge of our meals for dinner, breakfast and lunch from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. We had hamburgers for dinner, eggs and sausage for breakfast, and tuna sandwiches for lunch. We went to church at the Rye Ward in Rye Colorado and it was a very nice service. There were two other troops from the camp (both from Texas) that were also attending the ward with us.  The people were very friendly and the classes were a lot of fun.  I was preparing for my speaking assignment all week for the Sunday right after we got home and I got a ton of good insights through all of church. We shared our campsite with a different troop from Texas that also had only a few boys at camp and we got along great, sharing our evening together around the campfire.

The camp was beautiful. Everyone's favorite feature was the lake. When free time was available our boys were either boating or fishing, although the boys never caught anything which was a great disappointment to both of us leaders on the trip who were looking forward to lots of trout to eat. The lake was quite cold and there were several accidents where some boys might have accidentally ended up in the water because of a "clumsy" scoutmaster.

Dallas took Environmental Science, Emergency Preparedness, Canoeing, and Astronomy.  He earned all the merit badges except Astronomy and that was because it was cloudy every night and we didn't actually get to see starts while we were there.

The weather was nice and we only got serious rain on one day while we were there.  For the most part it never got too hot or too cold.

The evening programs that we participated in were a scout honor trail with chapel service at the end, a cardboard boat race, our own troop campfire with skits and songs in our campsite, the OA ceremony for camp which also celebrated 100 years of OA, and the closing campfire for the camp with our boys doing a small skit. During the closing campfire there were a couple acts that stood out, a band the staff had formed with a banjo, mandolin, and a guitar, and a flag retirement ceremony that was nicely done to close the campfire.

*Karisa had to care for the four youngest kids while Dallas and I were away for over a week.  She had a heavy load of Pathway homework, swimming in the mornings and evenings, as well as teaching her Pathway class Thursday night with all the kids in tow.  To say she was relieved when we got home would be an understatement.  We went on a date to the temple that night.

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