Sunday, July 26, 2015

Visiting Cousins

The Monday after the 4th my brother stopped by for a couple of nights while moving his car from California to Texas.  It's always fun to have him and his family stop by.  My brother spent a few years in the navy as a nuclear engineer and an officer and got to travel all over the world on various ships.  He spent the last couple of years at MIT and just graduated with a dual Masters in business and mechanical engineering.  He got a job down in Texas in a manufacturing plant.  We're really happy for him as he starts this new stage of life and really proud of all he and his wife have accomplished over the last few years.

Leia has just gotten used to the idea of cousins and extended family so it was nice to reinforce that with a couple of girls her age coming to play. Since they were only here for one day we had to pack as much into that as possible.  We launched rockets around lunch time, after Sam got back from his swim lesson.  Evan had helped all three cousins build their rockets the night before.  They were all successful except for Evan's military type rocket he'd built all weekend.  On the first launch that one didn't deploy it's parachute and came down point first and almost hit Sam.  The second time it didn't make it off the launch pad and we got to see the engine's second stage up close and personal.  All the other rockets launched fine and the kids got to chase them all over the field.

In the afternoon we went up hiking in the Sandias.  It was perfect weather, nice and cool and after we'd been out for a while the cloud cover cleared and we had some really nice views.  The kids had fun pushing the limits of what adults meant by stay away from the edge.

Tuesday evening we had our Independence Day celebration.  We held off since my brother was coming.  We started with a ton of fun summer food, meatball sliders, potato salad, other salads, watermelon, sodas, juice, and more.  It was our first time in four years or so that we were able to do fireworks around the Fourth (because of lack of rain) and we went all out.  We invited the neighbors over and had a very nice show.  I was busy lighting things on fire so we didn't get any pictures of that celebration.  Leia doesn't like loud noises and ended up inside before the show finished.  We grew up in California and it always amazes us the types of fireworks we can legally buy here.  We had all the cones and sparklers we usually start with but ended with a nice aerial show up above the yard with lots of loud booms.  It was a blast (literally).

Our guests had to leave the next morning which was sad, no matter how long family stays it never seems long enough.  It was a very nice visit though and we are going down to see them at the end of the month, it's been a while since we had family close enough to drive to in one day!

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