Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And so it begins... Fall soccer 2015.  Practices four nights a week, games on Saturdays.  Good thing we love it.  I am thrilled with the good coaches the boys have this year.   If anyone wants to visit in September or October, we'd love to have you come see them play.

A couple weeks ago our van seemed to lose acceleration power.  We took it in and are so thankful to have such honest mechanics up here we can trust.  They diagnosed it as a transmission problem that they couldn't solve, but also told us we had various other problems (oil leaks, brakes, etc.).  They said to worry about the transmission first though.  So we took it to their recommended transmission guy, and he said it was completely going out and we'd need a new transmission (at least $5000).  We bought the car for $10,000 and it had lasted about 4 years and was nearing 200,000 miles so we knew it wasn't worth it.  Transmission guy didn't blame us and didn't charge us a thing, bless him.

We were hoping our van would last two more years, but it seems we are never going to be debt free.  We got approved for a loan, and got a great deal on a 2014 Sienna with very few miles on it and they even took our useless car as trade in for $2000.  We feel very blessed.  They said the Toyota parts are always valuable and that if it had been such-and-such other makes and models, it would have been worthless.

And it happens to be red!  I like it!  I was also feeling thankful that it didn't break down when we were still doing school, or swim and water polo.  It waited until we were mostly sitting around enjoying the last days of summer vacation with hardly any obligations.  Tender mercies indeed. 

Daisy had her first filling.  I just happened upon a blog called wellnessmama where she talks about foods and homemade toothpaste to never get cavities again, and actually heal current cavities.  But it was too late to cancel our appointment and try it.  Daisy told me she did not need me to stay with her, that she wasn't scared and that she was very brave.  And she was!  But I went with her anyway, just in case.  She's only five!  This is the girl who asks for shots when she goes to the doctor.  (?!) Here she is standing bravely for an xray and sitting bravely for her cavity.  It was tiny.  No shots needed.

And here she is at her dance class!  It's going to be a fun class this year!  Lots of friends for her and mom friends for me.

We have been getting ready for school in a major way, getting rid of half the things we own as we clean and organize.  It's been great.  

In doing so, I happened upon this book.  Mom and Dad Mullen gave the kids this book a couple years ago for Christmas and if you read the letter below you will understand it was a huge undertaking and very special book that has long since been out of print.  So, afraid my kids would destroy it, I put it up somewhere for safe keeping.  Confession:  With all our cleaning, I just found it.  I don't think we'd even read it once.  

Well, thankfully, I found it now!  We love it!!!!  It is so fun, and the pictures have so much detail you can just look at them forever.  I still keep it put up high, but every night Leia and Charles and Evan ask me to read it.  "There's Caroline!", Charlie says.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sam's birthday was getting to go to Six Flags, but we finally had our small party here.  He got this transformer, his birthday spanks, and root beer floats.  Happy 11th Sam!

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