Friday, August 14, 2015

Celebrations in August

Just got back from a quick weekend trip to California to see Steph and T's new baby, the beautiful Junie Bean!  At five weeks she's as big as my babies are when they're born!  ...and Steph can actually feed her because A) she has milk, and B) she has boobs.  Mine are just impostors.  I am jealous and I'm not going to lie about it.  I got back at them by not helping at night at all.

It felt like I was doing a mini girl's camp because I prepared food for a week's worth of meals for them before going.  I packed each dish in tupperware, and froze it solid, then packed it all together in a suitcase and took it with me for them to have a break from making meals occasionally.

Bean Curry, Mushroom-Beef Stroganoff, Marinara Meatballs, Teriyaki-Turkey Meatballs with veggies, Chicken Tikka Masala, Brazilian Feijoada (black beans and sausage), all to be served over rice or something.  Plus a big container of Mormon crack.

It mostly made it.  About half the containers were broken even through we wrapped the whole thing in a thick blanket.  We need a hard shell suitcase.  But we picked the plastic out and got them in the freezer in new containers.Everything stayed mostly frozen on the flight, but had thawed a bit due to a big three hour delay on the way out.

But it sure was nice to see all my little nieces.  I wish I could have them always near.  Charles Dickens said it well when, speaking through a character in his novel The Old Curiosity Shop, tells us: "I love these little people and it is not a slight thing when they who are fresh from God love us."

On Sunday we went to Jeremy's for a family get together to celebrate my mom and Emme's birthday.

I made the biggest lasagna and a carrot-pineapple cake for my mom. Steph made a salad and chocolate cake for Emme since she had just turned 2!  Occasionally I did help with June even though she peed on me :)  and made some rolls right before I left.  Steph made the best peanut butter cookies EVER.

Anyway, Steph and T are like pros.  They are calm and seem to have this all down like they've cared for newborns all their life.  June is one lucky little girl!

We had a delay on the way back too which sure made the trip hard.  Traveling takes a lot out of me, and I've been so tired for weeks already waiting to have a break and breathe.   On the way home there were delays in a flight and in getting our baggage returned to us, so we didn't get home and to bed until 2am.  And sadly, Pat was leaving for a three day business trip in the morning.  Just before we went to bed he helped me register for my classes. 

A blanket my mom sent me home with that used to be mine and was made by my grandma.  It's now Daisy's.

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