Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Texas than you can shake a stick at!

Just got back from a trip to Texas to visit Rick and Sunny.  We had such a good time!  Here's Sam with our egg haul once we got back home.

Sorry- this post is backward.  Here's the kids after the 9 hour drive home running to the swings to get some energy out!  It is so nice to come home safely to a house perfectly in order.  What blessings!

Rick and Sunny have planted themselves in a gorgeous spot in Texas that has everything you could ever want!  Country living and charming city life all combined in perfect harmony.  They have a beautiful acre in a very charming upscale neighborhood. They got a house that is a bit of a fixer-upper, but it's already wonderful in my opinion.  We are so happy for them.  We've seen how hard they've worked for years and how much Rick has accomplished over the years and how much Sunny has had to handle often alone, and are glad they've found such a wonderful place to work and call home.   Here's us at their community center's water park.

Going along with my tradition of never taking pictures of family, I don't have any pictures of our cousins or Aunt Sunny or Uncle Rick!  Whenever I would think about it we were swimming at their pool or just hanging out playing cards.  Alice and Lyla are super cute and darn funny and I loved playing with those silly girls.  All the boys got to go see the Giants play the Texas Rangers and it was fun teasing Dean since he was teasing us girls about not getting to go. 

The only bad thing I can say about Texas is the humidity nearly killed us.  We're used to being up in the mountains in the high desert of New Mexico where it is never too hot or humid at all.  In Texas we were dripping in sweat; rivers down our backs and chests and hair and clothes plastered to our bodies.  My face broke out in reaction to the heat or the sunscreen with about 20 zits and I didn't even have that much in high school!  It was so embarrassing.  Sunny says we should move there and that my face would adjust.  I guess so; and we could probably actually grow trees and a garden.  My kids could play on grass... I could see Glenn Beck teach their gospel doctrine class. :)

We went to Six Flags one day for Sam's birthday.  Rick and Sunny packed us up with lots of sandwiches and snacks to make it through the day and we were actually there from 10-10pm.  I could not believe we made it that long.  It was fun and there were lots of rides that weren't super scary thrill rides for us.  Pat got the boys to ride a couple roller coasters but there were four terrifying ones that Pat had to forgo.  If my kids were used to roller coasters they might have not been so scared, but this was all pretty new.  It's been years since we've gone anywhere like this.

The longest lines were waiting to get into the park and waiting in our car to leave at night.  I never buy their overpriced concessions but we were sweating so much we needed cold drinks so we bought a special $15 soda cup that we could refill at locations all throughout the park all day and we refilled it dozens of times and all shared it all day long.  The first ride we went on was in the dark like Space Mountain.  (I've never actually ridden Space Mountain but this is what I hear).  I was not expecting it to be so scary.  I couldn't get over the feeling that my face was going to smack into a beam at any moment.

Dallas says this roller coaster was like me speeding down Horton, a bumpy dirt road near our house.

I went on a green one with Sam that had two loops and a bunch of drops only because I could tell he wanted to go and yet was terrified to go.  Once we were strapped in, we both wanted off.  I tried to act brave but he was bawling as we inched our way up-up-up and I started to get scared because I knew what was coming.  I threw my arm across him in case the lap bar and shoulder restraints weren't enough and then we both endured the next couple minutes as he continued carrying on and I talked to him calmly, "See we're through the first loop, that wasn't so bad", etc., when all I wanted to do was scream my head off.   We both got off determined to never ride that again, but later that day he was all smiles when he asked Pat take him again.

My favorite part of the day was watching the kids have fun.  This guy got super crazy (perhaps from drinking my soda) and started dancing in the streets and being a huge goofball. 

Pat kept trying to talk this girl into going on stuff since she's so tall.  After a couple roller coasters I put my foot down.  She's only five!  I don't like terrifying unsuspecting kids or forcing kids to "man up" and ride rides.  I ended up loving the scariest rides at Great America and it all happened organically.  She just loves the Merry-Go-Round right now anyway!

Every time I open the sliding door on the van, he's got some sort of silly face for me.
Rick and Sunny took such great care of us, I only wish my kids had been more smiley and loving.  They don't see family enough to remember anyone too well and get shy.  Throughout the day at Six Flags Sam would come up to me and hug me and say, "Thank you for taking me here for my birthday", and then smile an earnest smile.  Another time he squeezed my hand and told me how much fun he was having and thanked me again.  My kids are so good and I wish they'd be that way in front of others because I don't think people believe me!  I don't know how to change that so I'll just be patient and trust in God's knowing their souls and work on teaching them to think of others feelings this school year.  I wish I could have one week or even a three-day weekend to prepare for the coming school year.  We have decided to return to homeschooling and I need to get a lot more done to feel ready.  There's just always so many other things to do.

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