Friday, August 14, 2015

Potty training Charles

The day I left for California, I weirdly decided to start potty training Charles.  I stripped him naked and put the only underwear on him we had; his sisters.  I told him to go potty on the toilet and showed him the piece of gum he'd get if he did.

He cried for 1/2 an hour out of humiliation and fear of the toilet; but mostly 'cause he wanted the gum.

I gave up, kicked him out of my room, and told him to go play.

Hours later, I decided it was time to try again.  He held my hand and walked right to the potty and shocked us all by doing his business like a boss. 

 He ate the gum.  The next time he went like a boss again and I figured he didn't need any more gum and he didn't ask for any, so done!

 Awesome. This kid is so much like Sam.  I hope this potty training continues to go so well!  Sam learned the first day and never messed up again; others took months.

Charles loves flushing the toilet.  It's his new reward.  Leia can't stand noisy toilets (she never flushes) and hates the ones in stores that flush automatically.  She bursts out of the stall to run from them.  She's also scared of the motion sensored sinks because when the water finally decides to turn on it surprises her.

*Update:  Potty training is only going so-so now.  Frustrating!!!  Especially because we know he can do it.

Some days everyone has to be a fairy. (Especially when Daisy has no sister).

Why we get no sleep at night.

Yep, D is still allergic to mosquitoes. 

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