Sunday, October 18, 2015

 Super cute Old MacDonald song by Charlie.  Sam captured it on the way to church today.  Charles is awesome.

Went to a friends house so we could pick piñon nuts since she lives on south mountain and has more piñon trees than us.  We were out for hours on a slightly chilly and windy day, on our hands and knees like this picture below. (I forgot to bring my camera).  I absolutely loved it.  It felt like we were hunter-gatherers from long ago.  Charlie was helping me, and finally got the hang of finding nuts on his own.  Then he got tired.  I said he had to keep working.  He said he couldn't.  He leaned back on a fence resting, looked up at the sky, and said, "I'm busy".  What a riot.

 We got lots!  We hope to sell these this week.
Under the hard dark shell is the delicious white nut.

Story time at the library was all about spinning wheels.  There's Daisy!

Look at that kid on the end.  Doesn't his mom know how to match anything?  And he only has one shoe!  (That's Charles and we actually did leave the house with only one shoe.)

I know it's hard to see, but D had a soccer game down in Albuquerque during the hot air balloon fiesta.  If you look closely, you can see the sky is full of them!  This happens every year in Albuquerque.

Evan decided to get some cool Halloween pictures taken.  He fell off the monkey bars and fractured his arm.  You can see it near the wrist broken about halfway through the bone.
Here he is pretending he's in pain.  Actually, we were the worst parents ever.  After spending all day going from place to place to get him taken care of, we finally got home and went to bed like normal.  In the middle of the night I heard crying and ran to see what was the matter and he said, "I can't sleep!  I haven't slept all night", through his tears.  That's when I remembered that we didn't give him any pain medication at all.  He didn't even know he was in pain, he just knew he couldn't sleep.  It broke my heart.  Right away we dosed him up and in 15 minutes he had relief and was able to go back to sleep.  How awful that I didn't realize a broken bone would necessitate pain meds!  He was acting fine so I never even thought about it. 

Dallas, Pat and I all spoke in church last Sunday.  Dallas gave such a wonderful talk and everyone seemed really amazed by him.  He is really neat guy.  From the list of books we've approved him to read for school, he keeps choosing books about slavery and famous abolitionists and really is fascinated by it all.  It's so much better when they choose to learn something on their own than being forced to do a unit on black history at school, for example.  It has sunk into his heart and he will remember.

Sam, who didn't even want to play soccer, continues to be one of the top two players on his team.  David is the best and then Sam.  They are the ones who score and defend and handle the ball like a boss.  It's so weird he didn't want to play.  He clearly enjoys it.  He has his good friend Billy on the team and he helps him to score and they high five each other and it's just so great.


Christy said...

Don't feel too bad. My Ammon dislocated his shoulder and tore the ligaments between shoulder and collar bone and even though I took him to the ER, I thought he was faking how bad it was because he was so calm and said the pain wasn't too bad. I felt like a bad parent too. What good strong boys we have. :)

Karisa said...

Oh dear!