Sunday, October 4, 2015


While I'm busy studying Neanderthals and The Epic of Gilgamesh at night for my school, the kids school work continues on each day.  Between my Humanities and English class I do way too much writing each week, so forgive me if this is post is hasty.

Wednesdays are our favorite homeschool day.  It is our library/picnic/piano lessons day.  The days have been beautiful. 

By the way, I really dislike potty training.  Is is weird to say, I'd rather deal with diapers?  He does great for a couple days and then the next day will go everywhere he's not supposed to.  I'm talking 10 clothing changes in one day people! And this is what I find every time I need to go.

We had a great view of the eclipse.  The moon got above those clouds just in time.
On our way to the library.  Since driving anywhere for us takes some time, we always work in the car.  Dallas took all these pictures.

Freshly showered after a sweaty workout.  Feels so good!
After story-time we go to the park for a picnic.  And then it's off to piano lessons for the rest of the day.

I absolutely love homeschooling. I am so blessed to be with my family and to have that freedom!

New topic:
I am a vegan this month.  You know me.  I'm always trying different things to learn about my body.  So since I eliminated every trace of sugar for a month (a couple months ago) and didn't notice much difference, I am trying it again, but this time also eliminating dairy and meat.  My friend Chantelle affectionately calls it the "No Will to Live Diet".  We'll see if my health improves after October.  *Update: Vegan-ism died after 14 days.  Two weeks was all I could last.  I just plain ran out of things I felt like eating.

I went to see my doctor for my post-op, and he never could meet with me.  After an hour and a half in the waiting room, Pat had to go back to work so I asked if a nurse could just tell me if I have any bad test results since I've been waiting two weeks.  A nurse came out and said there was no cancer.  Thankfully.  I still don't know anything else about how the surgery went and they can't fit me in until the end of October now, so that's all I know.  It's a bit frustrating.

Back to the vegan thing:
I found this breakfast that makes me want to sing.  Coaches oats, with honey, cardamom, toasted pumpkin seeds, chopped figs, and a splash of almond milk.  I got the recipe from the back of a package.  It was so good!

The kids had hard boiled eggs on the side.

I've had the pumpkin seeds for forever since I buy in bulk and I use them for granola bars too.  Dried figs, and Coaches oats purchased at Costco.

It's the Gilgamesh.  And I happen to be studying Gilgamesh.  Weird how that happened.
We had the missionaries over this week and they challenged the kids to ask a question and then watch conference and that their question would be answered.  All my kids were really into conference and Sam came up to me 1/2 hour into the Saturday morning session and said his question had been answered.  He didn't want to say any more but I gave him a great big hug.  I love conference so much and I am so happy to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The gospel makes me want to jump for joy and never come down!  I could go on forever about the blessings in my life because of my membership in the restored church of Jesus Christ. *smile*

I was just released from my 3+ year calling in the Stake Young Women's presidency.  My last project was getting the 2016 calendar ready.  This was the 3rd poster I made so we could all see it in our stake meetings.  We changed a bunch and added a bunch more after this and then I got it on the stake calendar.  It is a super busy calling with no small amount of stress since everything we do is big.  Dances, Standards Nights and Firesides, Sports, Girl's Camp, Trek, etc. With my surgery and school and needing to focus on family and my husband's calling and a few other reasons, I needed to ask to be released.  I have been through a pregnancy, school, and two surgeries already during this calling while my husband was both a scoutmaster and then additionally a high councilor.  It was time.  When I told my president we both cried and she said she knew something was supposed to happen.  It's bittersweet leaving because we worked together so well, but it was the right thing.  I love my presidency and my stake presidency and it has been SUCH a privilege to work with them and all the ward YW presidencies as well.  What a tremendous blessing!  Now I'm just so happy to relax and be with my kids more, not always running to Albuquerque for meetings and such.  We really do have people over weekly and have time to be social again.  Well, the calling was super social, but... you know what I mean.

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Steph said...

Why do you let your kids grow so fast? Not fair, I say. No fair! I'm so glad you're all enjoying this school year. It's so much work but you and Pat seem to always pull it off seamlessly.

Love you!