Sunday, November 15, 2015

Feeling like Fall

Frustrating week.  My van needed an oil change that cost almost $80 because it takes a special synthetic oil (we found out), and Pat's car just got $1600 of work done for random sensors and other weird stuff, and still needs the brakes worked on.  It is literally always something, isn't it?

But on the brighter side, I just made my first pie for the fall time of year, and I got to exercise and dance with my friends, and Chantelle stopped by (and got her job back), and we had Posole with the Haslers, and got to see the Bushmans who came back for a visit.  Now some pictures from our week:

Somebody being silly. 

Elements Weapons Dallas makes to have wars at home.  Starting at the top row, left to right, Shield, Earth, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Everything, (2nd Row): Lightning, Metal, Ice, Fire.  Leia usually gets the Water Trident, and she uses it whenever Dallas is getting a drink.  Being the good brother he is, Dallas obliges by pouring his cup of water over his head so she thinks her Water Trident really works.  It's pretty hilarious.  I love his creativity. 

Scout demonstration at the church.  Just thought it was neat since I'm in scouts now.

The day Charles found my lipstick.  He was so proud.

These pictures of my two fruit trees didn't turn out, but we've had lots of deer in our yard and they've eaten the leaves so there's only a cap of leaves left at the tops of the trees.  One morning Dallas was out feeding the chickens and out of the corner of his eye he saw a deer really close to him start to bound away.  Scared him to death.

Our chickens are molting and losing lots of feathers right when the weather is starting to go below zero!

Dallas' favorite blanket from Grandma.

We made candles and it was pretty fun.  They didn't turn out all smooth and nice, but they work!

Then Evan made awards for everyone.  Below is Charles, since he dipped his wick in only once.  They were all funny.  Leia's was for best carrot candle, mine was best candle helper.  I think he gets this from scouts where they all get awards after they race cars or boats.  
It made me smile.  Leia felt really proud of her award.  Here's her candle.
Here they are before they got so fat.

Charles and the storm trooper, who we named "Steve".
Leia got a really nice card from Beth.  With stickers! She was smiling so hard, I had to make her look more calm so her smile just turned out weird.
Had to take a picture of Leia's growing hair.  I can do more and more with it, and it's interesting because the top hair is straight, while the under hair is spiral-y.  I love her curls!  She'll probably grow out of them like I did. 
More homeschool reading.  Borrowed these from a friend.

Dallas hand-sewed this scripture bag for Leia.  It is made out of square of fabric from my Grandma.  How cool is that!?
You can't see it, but he even sewed on a blue beaded "L" on the front.  Now if I can get him to sew his own patches on his scout shirt!  (and his brothers).

Leia and her baby she named "Rosalina".  This was on our trip.  She was often concerned about Rosalina who got very upset at times. 

Evan got his cast off the day before we left for California.  He took the wrappings he used and gave Charles two broken arms.  But mostly I posted this 'cause Charlie's face cracks me up.
I keep telling Pat to post about Sam getting his Arrow of Light, and about several campouts he's been on with the boys.  They just went this weekend again. He always puts it off.  I just wish everyone could see the neat people these kids are and all that they accomplish.  Right now, the three oldest are playing Christmas music in their piano lessons and it knocks my socks off!  They are growing up so fast.  We always want to move to a bigger house, or add on, but Dallas will be 13 in a couple weeks and it makes me realize they are going to be moving out probably before I can blink. 

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