Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Today was a wonderful day.  We were at church, dressed pretty, primary kids sang, I sang in a special number and in the choir, and I got to play the part of Mary for Evan's class briefly.  Giving and receiving gifts and love from our ward family, hearing the wonderful gospel messages to center us and bring meaning to the Christmas season.  Wonderful day. 
Pretty girl, sporting a side ponytail that is quickly falling out.
We made these Christmas trees with upside down ice-cream cones, frosting, sprinkles, coconut and candy.  This is WAY easier than doing a gingerbread house, but so fun!

We went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center on our free library pass this last week, and they had a huge display of gingerbread houses made by the pueblo Indians around New Mexico. 

I love these!  Take a look at New Mexico's interesting spin on the gingerbread house:

Some of those were by adults and some by children.  Below is a map of the pueblos around our area.

Lately Evan has been complaining because he has five (annoying) loose teeth that won't fall out.  It doesn't help that Sam has lost four teeth in the last two weeks!  I can hardly believe it each time he sets down another tooth in front of me.

My new favorite Christmas cookie.  Chocolate chocolate chip cookies, dipped in white chocolate, then crushed candy canes.

My kids be earnin' awards left and right.  The most embarrassing part is where I have to go up and get recognized and receive my pin and I have no idea what's going on.  I didn't help them one bit, nor did I even knew they were earning those awards.  Pat should be the one who gets the "Mom" pin.  But I'm so proud of them.
This last week has been busy getting ready for Christmas (surprise surprise).  Most of the gifts to family have been mailed, and most of the things for our kids ready, and most of the things for friends and neighbors here are getting ready to be ready.  We never had a chance to take family pictures this year or get Christmas cards done.  Maybe I'll do them in January.  The kids are excitedly counting down the days on the calendar and we are enjoying our Christmas traditions that I posted here.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas too! 

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