Monday, December 14, 2015

Snowy Sabbath

Early this morning, Pat's meetings were cancelled in Albuquerque because of dangerous icy roads.  We got several inches of snow last night.  Kids building a fort.
Then a while later, we got word they were cancelling church too.  I was a little sad that we didn't get to see our church family and weren't able to take the sacrament.  The picture below is at our church Christmas party.  We love our ward family!

By the way: There was no one to play background music for the ward party (at least no music was on and none of the pianists were playing) and since we were sitting right next to the piano I had the boys take turns playing.  They only had two songs they knew by heart since they didn't have their books with them, but it was so nice to hear them play so well and make such a contribution to the party.  Evan made some jaws drop. *smile*
But we will have plenty of fun here at home (and get caught up on some things) since we don't have church today.  Our car below.
Dal and Sam went up into the hills and took these pictures and video.  It's long and maybe boring for our readers, but I love it.

The Tuckers came over on their Kubota and dragged around Dallas and Sam and had some good snowball fights so it's been a fun day.

When retrieving our Christmas decorations I found this picture of me when I was five.  I believe this was taken by my Uncle John and I believe I had been cutting my own bangs recently.  But I just thought since Leia is five I would put the two pictures side by side.  We all know that Leia is a female version of her father, but still.  So here's Karisa and Daisy at age FIVE.

We went to the kids museum in Albuquerque called Explora on the free library pass last week.  There is so much to do there and the kids loved it.  We could go here once a week and it would take a year to fully do everything.  Not many museums this awesome in the world.  Of course I only took this one picture that looks pretty plain.  Just trust me, it's great!

A couple of funnies:
Leia always has a lot to say about her life.  Her life causes her to do certain things, and dictates what others can do to her.  She told her dad the other day, "My life says no tickling."

Charles wanted to watch a My Little Pony show with Leia.  But since the My Little Ponies belong to Leia, he said to Leia, "I'm going to watch your little ponies."

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