Monday, December 28, 2015

We got almost 2 feet of snow in the last day or so, but the sun finally came out today. 
This was yesterday trying to get our chickens fed.
Pat's car isn't going anywhere soon.
So they cancelled church again.  We were supposed to get a new bishop, so the waiting and wondering continues.  But I'm busy at home catching up on things.

This is my new meal chart.  I have this friend who has been losing a lot of weight on some plan that's been around forever, but you have to buy their food for all meals except one, and they are really expensive.  I think I can do better than their factory made and packaged foods, but it is hard when you don't have healthy food on hand.  Sometimes I'm out of the house for the entire day and that's when bad food wins.  I always do better when I have a plan.  Plus a plan reminds me of what I need to buy or always have on hand.

I recently made a list of everything we buy at the store so everyone could put a check next to the item when we're out, and I wouldn't have to spend so much time making grocery lists.  I was considering arranging it by the layout of the store so I could shop quicker.  I think this is a good thing to do, but I have four different stores I buy all this stuff at, and the place I shop most just rearranged their entire store.  If only I could combine the Costco, with Sprouts, with Smiths, with Walmart.  The perfect store!  Actually I'd love a Trader Joe's nearby too.

I had been following that meal plan above when Christmas hit.  I figured I would stress less if I took a couple days off and ate what I wanted, and I did.  But man, for the first time I really noticed a difference in how I felt.  I was regretting my decision to make treats for the neighbors and friends because that meant for a couple days there were cookies and treats galore in my house.  Everything turned out so good and though I had no desire to eat it when I began cooking, having it all around me changed my mind like an alcoholic in a liquor store.  I make the best sugar cookies ever, thanks to recipes from friends that I copy.  And these new chocolate ones dipped in white chocolate and crushed candy canes that I showed in the last post, are amazing.  It's so hard having a love/hate relationship with treats.  One neighbor really expressed his love for us and the treats and gave us a huge bag of fireworks for New Years in return!

But for my friends who don't like sugar, I found this beautiful idea from my Word of Wisdom website.  It takes forever to peel and slice the kiwis (4 for a regular size plate, but next year I'll do smaller plates), and then you sprinkle pomegranate seeds over the top, cover and put a red bow in the middle.  It takes a lot of work, but what a great idea!  And you don't feel yucky and weighed down after you eat this.  You feel light, invigorated, and more alert.  I really am believing in the Whole Foods Plant Based diet.  I do eat meat and dairy and sugar, but am always trying to eat less of those.  I thought I didn't feel the difference, but I was wrong.  Maybe I'll make this next year for everyone.  It is so cute! 

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Christy said...

I make a similar grocery list. I do a dinner calendar every 2 weeks it our meals and then I shop just for those meals. Not only do we eat healthier but I save money! :) I make a shopping list similar to yours. I arranged it by dairy products, baking products, canned goods, spices/seasoning, bread products,.....most grocery stores put the same things in the same isles, even if those isles aren't in the same place. Then I bring a pen and just mark it off as I go. I usually go to 3 different stores and this has worked really well for me. Good luck.