Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NYE dance with the youth.  Finally the decorating is done and the dance is about to start!
First game room.
They have an underground room that became the second game room.

Lining up his animals.
In a snow tunnel they built.

A frost covered morning.

D&C doing the dishes together.

She dressed herself for church!
Charles watches his dad and brothers play baseball and how they bring their knee up to throw.  Here we are playing ball and now he thinks he has to put his leg up for every throw!  He doesn't quite have it yet...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

How do YOU eat?

 So I made this cheesecake for our anniversary, and I repent for having ever made any other cheesecakes before.  Try it sometime, if you like.  I got if from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  Easy, and no eggs! There's a cheese layer, a white chocolate mousse layer and whip cream layer and it's sooooooo good! Better than restaurants.


Having now shared this recipe with you, I feel it's a good time to tell you, I'm considering going Vegan, and not eating dairy, eggs, or meat.  What a weirdo.  I probably couldn't do it anyway, so just ignore me.

The problem is, there are so many conflicting experts.  No gluten people, people defending gluten; you can basically find a plan to fit any way you want to live with people testifying it changed their life and healed them from cancer, autoimmune diseases, and every ailment they ever had.  I believe them too!

Dr. John McDougall- base your meals off of starches (bread, rice, corn, potatoes) and no animals or animal products.  Seems the closest to the Word of Wisdom.  But what about my bone broths?  Aren't they good for you?

Dr. Furhman- beware of starch/carbs and eat only fruits and veggies pretty much.

Dr. Redd (local friend)- basically the Mediterranean diet, beware of carbs in any form, and eat fruits, veggies, and meat in moderation.  Lots of supplements.

Paleo Diet- Eat meat you cavemen! Not sure what the diff is between this and Atkins which I have tried before and it's awful.

Eat Clean Tosca Reno (Sunny's lady)-very low carbs, low oil, no sugar, no fat, egg whites only, etc.

Trim and Healthy Mama- Christian diet book

My Diabetes Pregnancy Diet (or South Beach pretty much)- put all carbs you eat with a protein to slow the digestion and spike in blood sugar.  So if you have a piece of toast put an egg or peanut butter on it.

Caldwell Esselstyn MD- no oil at all, not even olive oil.

Oh She Glows- love this girls blog, but she obviously didn't have kids when she made her recipes, because no one with kids has that much time and all those ingredients. 

I don't think everyone's the same, but I do wish the Word of Wisdom told me a yes or no on dairy, eggs, oil, and fish.  More study needed....

What's in your diet?  Have you had success with anything?  I work out regularly, but it doesn't make a difference and I am not surprised.  I've heard weight loss like 90% diet.

(Sorry about the cheesecake picture).

 A nutrition guru acquaintance of mine said that when we die and the book of our life is read, all that we ever did, ate, felt, experienced will be recorded in our own bodies.  Even things we can't remember or access anymore in our brains.  Even things that happened when we were babies.  Feelings buried alive, never die.  Our cells keep a record of what we ate, and any trauma we felt or sustained is engraven in our very bones, sinews, and flesh.

Therefore, every thought, word, and deed has an effect on the human body.  All these leave their marks, marks which can be read by Him who is eternal.  As easily as words in a book can be read. 

Something to think about.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Yesterday we did some extensive cleaning and organizing of the house because Pat invited some of his coworkers over for dinner.  I picked up this picture to dust it, and Sam and Evan started talking about it.  They had always thought that it was Sam apparently.  I told them, no, that this was their sister Lauralei, our first baby.  Then I looked at her and my heart broke all over again.  I cried because I never got to meet her living even though she was full term.  I cried because I know exactly when she died during labor, when her little heart was slowing, and how painful dying must have been for her.  I wish she didn't have to hurt.  I would have done anything to prevent her from feeling that desperate pain.  

She was perfect.  She had much wrong with her (Edwards syndrome), but from the outside, she looked perfect.  I still remember sitting alone in our quiet apartment just feeling her hiccup inside me.  I never felt much other movement since she wasn't very strong, but she always hiccuped.  I know that I'll be with her again, because Heavenly Father told me so.  But I miss her.  That was a very dark and hard time.  This is the best photo I have of her and one of the only ones.

Thirteen years ago she was born on December 19th about a month before our 1st anniversary.  Pat and I have now been married 14 years this January.

I've now been through more medical procedures than I never knew existed back when we were dating and took this happy photo.  And more heartache.  Ignorance is bliss.  Seven of my twelve pregnancies have been lost.  Some in very scary circumstances as happened last month. 

But I have been richly blessed with my five living children and love them so much and believe that children are "an heritage of the Lord". Like watching a tiny plant push up out of the earth, life begins to grow, and it is such a miracle! I get to be the one that takes them through the veil into this life.  President Monson, our prophet said "Mother, who willingly made that personal journey into the valley of the shadow of death to take us by the hand and introduce us to birth- even mortal life- deserves our undying gratitude."

I just feel blessed to be able to be a mom.  There is no more challenging or better job out there.

Today, one of the kids was talking about something in the house that was beautiful, and Evan replied, "The only thing beautiful in this house is Mom!"   In awe I started singing, "Be still my soul...", in an angelic voice and we both laughed and laughed.