Monday, February 29, 2016

Bandelier otra vez

Sometimes you wake up and don't feel like staying home at all doing the usual stuff.  So we left!  I'll call it our leap year celebration.  We went to Bandelier!

Charles was pretty brave (but mostly scared) about going up and down the ladders into these ancient dwellings.  Once inside the caves he enjoyed it.  (Until we have to climb backward over the edge back down the ladders!)  We thought these dwellings were so wonderful, cool and comfortable.  It's funny how much space we think we need now.  I only wish (we all wish) they'd let us camp in the dwellings at least overnight to really get a feel for it.  That would be so fun.
Look at the little shelves or beds for Charlie!

Walking along the pretty paths we saw 6 deer.  I some of them in the picture below.

The three big boys went to the very top up all the ladders.  Pretty scary.
While the littles played in the stream. 
This way.  And that.
There's not much water around where we live, so even though it put us an hour behind and into some serious Santa Fe traffic, I let them play in the stream as long as they wanted to.  It's good for them.

As we were leaving, Sam was getting really grumpy, and I told him of some consequences he would have to pay for being so unpleasant.  He immediately threw himself face down in the dirt in protest.  We all stared because nobody but me knew why he was having a fit, but I told everyone nonchalantly that Sam just had a really good time and was saying good-bye to Bandelier.  Then we walked on and left him.  Luckily he switched out of his mood after a while and was really pleasant and joked with me a lot on the way home.  I really love Sam, mood swings and all.

We stopped at a Trader Joe's in Santa Fe and everyone at the store was amazed at how many kids I had and I heard the usual, "Are they all yours!?", etc.  But the cutest thing was Charles.  I got him a pack of salami and cheese and so he danced through the store singing, "Salami and Cheese!"  I saw these ladies dancing and chanting with him.  He just made everyone crack up.  He is one hilarious guy.

When we got home, Pat had made a wonderful dinner for the second night in a row and I thanked him sincerely for the second night in a row and said, "You're a way better mother than me."  He said, "Yeah, I thought I should show the kids what it would be like if they had a good mother."  He was totally joking and we all laughed heartily while I pretended to be shocked.

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Christy said...

What a fun spur of the moment day! I love days like that! With having 8 kids in a 3 bedroom home, we are coming to realize how little space you really need, especially if you spend a lot of the time outside. It is amazing to me what we talk ourselves into needing. While I was growing up we had a big house and hardly saw each other. As a result, my siblings and I love each other but don't really know how to relate to each other. My kids, on the other hand, are on top of each other all the time because there isn't a choice. IT is hard, and it is not always fun, but they have SO MANY inside jokes and they have so much fun together. That is going to be a HUGE blessing as they get older. :)

How fun would it be to sleep out there in those "houses", to make a fire and cook out there and really feel like you are part of their world. IT is too bad you can't do it because that would be really cool!