Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Charlie funny

Pat called on Charlie tonight to say the family prayer.  Charles likes to say prayer and usually does a really good job, so it surprised us that he just sat there without saying a word.

Pat tried prompting him, but still nothing.  So I teased that maybe his mouth was glued shut.  Pat lifted him upside down and said, "Is your mouth glued shut?"

Then Charles made a barfing sound.  Pat ran to the sink with Charlie, and the whole family just watched. Yet again, someone was getting sick.  It seems to be our lot in life.

At the sink nothing happened for a while, which is not unusual.  Charles hates throwing up and always tries to swallow it back down to avoid the experience.  But soon we heard the barfing sound again and the results landing in the sink.

Suddenly Pat exclaimed, "Oh, so you don't like my plantains?!"

Pat had made fried plantains (a food from his mission in Venezuela) and forced everyone to try a bite.  Apparently, Charles had been holding the chewed up plantain in his mouth for a while, hating it so much he didn't want to swallow, but not knowing what else to do.   Hence he couldn't talk or say the prayer.

It was very comedic for all of us watching the proceedings, and after that bite was spit out in the sink, he came back happy as could be, to pray.  Whew!  He made it through without having to eat that dumb plantain!

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Christy said...

That is hilarious!