Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today was a fun day at church.  I got to lead the primary kids in their Easter song and they did really well.  I got to substitute a primary class and I also got to sing with some of my favorite people.  I even had a solo.  Not my favorite song, but it was okay; it was a nice Easter program at church.  If I could have chosen a song for the kids or us adults, it would have been this or this 

Out here we make the kids hunt over an acre for their eggs.  Pat has to write down where he put them all because most years we don't find them all.  We hide some hard boiled ones, but also plastic ones filled with change.  This year one had a coupon for one free anytime hour of video games.  Pretty fun.

They got a small amount of candy this year and then I had the idea to give them toys from our missions.  This below is a diabolo.  I think they are a ton of fun and I used to know a lot of tricks on them.  Pat got some tops from his mission that you wind a long string around too.  I really wanted to get the boys and Pat new matching orangy ties, but it was too much, and they'll survive.  Or, I should say, I'll survive having to look at their same-old ties. *smile*

Our town finally moved the Easter Egg hunt to a Saturday instead of Sunday, so we went for the first time this year.  It was a little stressful.  Charles walked away with three eggs and in tears.  But he was enamored with the Easter Bunny that was there, and the police and firefighters were fun to joke with.  They were handing out additional gifts and such. 

I love when coincidences happen.  We had just finished learning about Russia and one of the suggested activities was to make Russian painted eggs.  And since it just happened to be Easter week too, it worked out perfectly.  We blew the eggs out, washed and dried them, painted them by hand, and then sprayed clear coat over the top.  You can't tell but they're shiny and beautiful.  Sam and Evan made these.

Evan's three crosses on his egg.

We dyed eggs, but the chicken ones were already colored!
I don't know why Sam has a bowl on his head, but I just liked this picture because these boys help so much and I felt so much love for them as we washed, rinsed and dried the dishes together.  The three oldest boys often do the dishes on their own and clean the whole kitchen.  They are wonderful.

A special word about Evan.  He wants to be a builder, and he is really good at making pretty much everything.  Each week we go to story-time at the library for Leia, and then they have a craft and while I'm picking out books for the kids, Evan will go and help her do the craft.  At home we do lots of history lessons and at the end of the chapter they have suggested activities.  Evan always wants to do them, even if I don't, and he'll just read the instructions and make things with Leia every week.  Last week when we were studying China he made this lantern.  Doesn't it look so cool!!!  Evan is so awesome!
Here it is in the daylight.  Less exciting.  Anyway, I just think Evan is great.  He sews, crafts, and builds like a boss and understands instructions better than his mother sometimes.  He keeps Leia and Charles happy with all the stuff he makes. 
By the way, this silly girl smiles like this all the time because she's a turkey.

Below is Dal leading his first Court of Honor for the boy scouts.  He just earned his life and is hoping to get his Eagle in about 6 months!  He is determined and does a really great job at his own scouting and at helping and encouraging his younger brothers.

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