Monday, April 4, 2016

A couple things this last week...

 Studying the plague or Black Death that swept over Europe long ago.  Below is Sam in a costume that doctors and others often wore thinking it would keep them from falling ill.  Just what a dying person wants to see, right?

Also we had a really fun Pac Night Blue and Gold Banquet and there was a TON of food and fun.  It was a Star Wars theme as you'll see below.  Additionally each boy brought a cake that they made with their parent.  Three boys earned their arrow of light award, which I was in charge of making.  I forgot to get a picture of them, but I now know how to make them!

Our cake that Evan helped make is the "Come to the Dark Side" cake.  He wanted to make a Death Star, but this was more manageable.  It was a lovely dark chocolate cake with ganache frosting poured over the top.  It was soooo good!!!  We had lots of leftover ganache so we rolled them into truffles and had a chocolate fest.

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