Sunday, April 24, 2016

Conversations from the past week

Evan: I hate it when you're eating and then there's something hard in your food, and you pull it out and it's your tooth.
Charlie: Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad!
Pat: What Charlie?
Charlie: Leia tooked over there and I want it back!
Pat: Leia took what?
Charlie: over there
Pat: Leia took over there?
Charlie: Yes
Pat: She took what over there?
Charlie: She took over there and I want it back!
Pat (after thinking for several long seconds): She took your side of the bed and you want it back?
Charlie: Yes
(Leia and Charlie share a queen size bed for now)
Charlie on being told that since he took a tortilla from the package he had to eat it:
"Can't!  Too spicy!"
(That's his new excuse for not eating any food he doesn't want to right now, it's too spicy, he tries it on anything, even plain tortillas)
At the thrift store with Leia,
Me: I would really like to go to a store and NOT have you ask for everything."
Leia: "Well, we can go to Walmart after this."
Dallas trying to convince me that I should let them watch a show:
Me: No, it takes away your brain power and creativity.  Go outside!
Dallas: We are going to be so creative some day that you'll be wishing you'd let us watch TV.
Me: Think so?
Dallas: Yeah, we'll be selling all kinds of stuff... dehydrated water... and you'll be saying (in his sad old lady voice), "Oh, if only I'd let them watch more shows!"
Regarding me trying vegan recipes and boiling a lot of rood vegetables to use in recipes: Dallas says, "Why are you boiling that carrot to death?" Me: To make a "hot dog". Dallas: You keep punishing all these fruits and veggies. It's like the pot of death.


Steph said...

Well, at least the cookie wasn't at Wahoo's wasn't too spicy!

Karisa said...

Nothing with sugar in it is too spicy. Yep.