Sunday, May 22, 2016

The colors that I look well in don't include blues since I need warm colors. But Sam was wearing a bright blue shirt one day that looked good (we have the same coloring) so I found this bright blue shirt at Walmart and thought it looked fine. So I guess blues for me need to be bright like this. Or if I'm wearing a dark navy blue, it needs to have some bright autumn yellow jewelry or shoes.

When Pat came out dressed for church, Evan said, "I really like your yellow tie dad!", I was thinking the same thing, and then he said, "It matches your teeth." (He was making a joke, and succeeded in busting us all up).  Then I made Pat pose for a picture so I could tell it to you!
Leia set up a picnic. 

We were doing situps with our feet hooked under the couch.  Charles got a little bit more than his feet under!  Then he started doing situps! 

Playing in the wind

Leia's talk, mostly from her own words.  She read it all on her own, with just a little help.  The hardest word for her to pronounce was apostles and Joseph Smith.  She could not wrap her tongue around those.  Certain words just bother her.  Like Breakfast.  I don't know when she'll ever get that one.


Christy said...

That blue does look GREAT on you!! I wear the warm, fall colors too and am always sad I can't wear blue. I might have to look into that color.

Okay, the tie and teeth joke cracked me up. I was laughing and I wasn't even there. Kids are hilarious.

Thanks for sharing your life stories. I love it!I feel like we still get to be great friends, even though we are far away! Thanks for being an awesome example for me!

Karisa said...

Yay!!! I feel the same way about you Christy!