Sunday, May 22, 2016


Oh my goodness! Evan needed to visit a historical site to complete his Bear, so we took a day to go to the ruins called Quarai, an hour from our house.  It was SUCH a beautiful day!!!!  The furthest out ward in our stake is Estancia, and this was even out past that, but I wanted to live out here after this drive.  If you can imagine away a bit of fencing, it is wide open prairie straight out until forever, like in the old days; or straight out to the mountains, depending on which way you're facing.  And look at our gorgeous New Mexico skies!  These pictures don't do it justice- (just my phone camera).  I felt like we were the Ingalls family way out West in Indian Territory. And we've had a lot of rain lately, so it was very green! (For NM).  
Mountains FAR away.
Old homes of wood and stone

Tiny graveyard
Pretty arch

We finally got there and walked along the path leading to the ruins.  Steph- you've been here!
Kids reading the signs
Come around the bend, and there she is!  We traveled all the way to Ireland to see ruins just like these, (but made of grey colored stones and different people).  Yet the brick-like shape of the stones and the manner of construction is quite similar. Isn't it beautiful!?  I walked around in awe.  We were the only ones there and the boys played hide-n-seek in the many rooms out back, being careful to never touch anything. 

We got ice-creams on the way home and Sam hugged me and said thank you for taking us on a fun adventure.  That guy always surprises me.

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