Thursday, May 26, 2016


One of our scouting parents took this and I stole it from facebook since I never remember to take pictures when I'm with other people!  It's us scout leaders doing the Ear-Wash skit!  My Bears got a lot of awards this night and we've had a lot of fun lately hiking, cooking outdoors and learning knots.  I am so not a knot/scouting person.  It's really hard for me, having learned the young women's program for so long (and before that Relief Society), to now have to learn the scouting program.  I miss being in the Stake Young Women's presidency a lot.  My heart is sad to not be at Girl's Camp this year.  I still think in that mode; wondering about dances, and if the Stake has started planning for Trek next year and checking out locations; it's ridiculous.  I just did it for so long... it's hard to not think like that.

But scouts is great too since I know it these boys are being molded into the men of the future and I get to work with a lot of great scout leaders.  Thankfully Pat helps me figure things out.  We will all be at various scout camps in a couple weeks and  I'll be teaching at cub camp all week.

And Evan just completed his Bear!!!  He's leaving me next month and moving on to Webelos. 

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