Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bread Show

We were asked to do the bread booth at our Self Reliance Fair again this year.  It was a huge undertaking of weeks of bread-making preparation to find the best recipes to suit most people.  I think they said over 600 people were there from the community, the vast majority not members of our church, and the classrooms were all packed with people standing in the hallways.  It was a huge success!  And I learned a lot.  I consider myself a pretty great breadmaker of all types, yet I learned from the people that stopped by my booth to talk, and I learned a lot as I researched websites and read bread books leading up to the show.  I love learning!  Here was our advertisement below:

It is a solid, meaningful skill to be able to produce good nutritious food.  BREAD, in its various forms, is perhaps the most basic of all foods, with a history almost as ancient as mankind itself.  A loaf of homemade, whole wheat bread is a warm and wonderful staple of life and will be featured at our basic bread-making booth, along with fermented sourdough breads.  All of these breads are more digestible and much healthier than store-bought mass produced breads.  Would you like to get in the routine of making your own bread?  Like families across the globe who make their daily bread, you can too!  Come check out our helpful booth on simple, basic bread-making, where you can get tips, recipes, see demonstrations, and ask questions.

I really think all the gluten sensitivity would be lessened if people took the time to make real bread from whole grains, fermented with a slow rise.  Factory bread has so many chemicals and is forced risen. Bread gets such a bad wrap these days.  (Sprouted bread is my next frontier).

Mulit-grain, whole wheat sourdough boule.  If you know sourdough, you know what an accomplishment this is with no yeast!  This is not a recipe we featured as our booth was supposed to be more basic stuff.
Simple dutch-oven bread
Sampling all the breads from the store for research
These were our favorites.
We tried to decorate our booth like a real bakery.  I wish I'd gotten a picture closer up.  By the way, Pat makes all the sourdoughs, and I make all the rest.
We baked about 40 loaves and gave samples out all day at our booth as well as answering questions etc.  We were just one small component of the fair though.  There were beekeeping classes, real live sheep being sheared, chickens, ducks, and turkeys, classes on wilderness survival, herbs and essential oils, natural healing and homemade toothpastes and deodorants, raising meat and making jerky, gardening, canning, HAM radio, generators, basic home repair and tools, sustainable living, dutch oven cooking, reflective oven cooking and so much more.  A collection of amazing talent from our community focused on being prepared and self-reliant in all things.

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Christy said...

I would love a recipe or too, if you are willing to share. :) I have one that is easy and I Love but I am always looking for new ones to try! Your booth looks amazing!