Monday, June 20, 2016

Cousins!- by Pat

Evan had a birthday this week and we had a rushed celebration.  He had just finished reading "My Side of the Mountain" and really enjoyed it so he got a bunch of survival stuff for his birthday including a neat flashlight and a pocket knife. Then on Friday my brother Rick and his family came into town for a couple nights.

Where's Sunny?  Oops :(
We had wanted to take Evan to the tent rocks we'd heard about for his birthday, and since Rick and Sunny were game, we all went together.  After the first quick half mile we got to hike through the slot canyons for a while.  These were the best parts; in the shade!  The rest of the hike was long and HOT!!!  Almost 100 degrees and no shade!  We felt bad for bringing them on this hike.  Heck, I felt bad bringing us on this hike.*smile*  It was lots of fun though with some good views from the top.  By the end all the little kids were tired and cranky from the walking and the heat.

After the hike, and after getting lunch we went to the new museum Meow Wolf; The House of Eternal Return.  It was creepy and fun.  From the site: "Each visitor will be invited to choose their own path through the 20,000 sq. ft exhibition, walking, climbing, and crawling through an imaginative multiverse of unexpected environments.  The experience will be appropriate for people of all ages, supplying children with a fantastic world to play within and giving adults a sophisticated artistic experience with narrative depth."

Charlie probably had the most fun of anyone in the group.  For the entire time our family was in town he wouldn't talk to any of them.  As we got out in the parking lot of the museum he looked right at them and yelled "THERE'S A GIANT SPIDER OVER THERE!  I HOPE IT DOESN'T EAT US!"  He had a blast every moment after that.  When we were first entering the museum it was a dark tunnel with a creepy video, he was a little nervous at that point but quickly got over it as he enjoyed the secret passages, musical instruments, video games, tree houses, mirrored hallways, and so much more.
The house had secret passageways into strange worlds (some of which are shown below).

Walking into the the refrigerator.  The boys also crawled through the fireplace; another secret tunnel I missed.  I missed a lot.  There's so much!  The house looked like a completely normal house, it's just that you would open a closet, step past the clothes and end up in another place entirely. Pretty cool.

I think the most exciting thing for the cousins was having chickens in the yard.  They were constantly asking to go feed them and check for eggs.  We played on the swing set a bunch, tried to stay cool in record setting heat and no air conditioner, played video games, watched movies and played board games.  We talked a lot and ate good food.  We crammed as much as we could into a day and a half and are already looking forward to the next time!

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Christy said...

If I ever make it out to your place, I want to go to that house. That looks SO COOL!!