Sunday, June 19, 2016

Daisy had dance this entire (school) year and she grew a lot in friendship and ability.  Her first weeks she was sliding into walls (lots of tears) and was so clumsy with her coordination.  Since we were homeschooling we went on Tuesday mornings, and many of these girls were homeschooling too, so she had a constant group of friends throughout the year.  Only Livy is missing from this picture as she had a family trip.  Emelyn, Daisy, Mila, Sarah, Paige, Savannah, and Gabe. 
This was the first time I've participated in dance and I decided to do the recital/performance and everything just to see how it was.  Well, it was first, a LOT of money.  On top of regular fees, there's recital fees, costume fees, etc.  Second, it was a LOT of time for all those extra practices and dress rehearsals.  Then we still had to pay an average of $10 per person to watch the shows!  So the boys never got to see Leia perform. In the end I decided it is too much money (for what we got).  Maybe a different dance studio would do better at having them learn an actual dance.  I know they're young, and Leia loved her teacher and friends and had a good time, but they didn't seem to know what to do while they were preforming at all.  Nobody cared because they were so stinkin' cute, but being the demanding mom I am, I was thinking, "If we were in China, they would have had these girls doing amazing things!"  They are certainly capable enough at 6 to do way more than they did is all I'm saying.  Leia was bossing everyone during the whole dance, pointing and reminding them of what they were supposed to be doing.  No matter how many times I told her to stop (and she promised), with each performance, she did it again!  She is such a mother.
As I stayed to watch all the different ages perform, I was very impressed with some of the performances, and very unimpressed with others of the older girls that had hard-core music and were oversexualized.  You could just feel how uncomfortable the audience was having to view that.  I got the feeling we were going to be leaving the world of dance and focusing on music instead.  I can only afford time and money for one thing anyway. Leia really wants to do gymnastics though...

But I will be sad to leave this great group of girls.  And their mothers!  That was the best thing about going to dance was getting to talk with all the wonderful mothers!  Half were Christian, the other Mormon (so I'd say we were all Christian), and we were of like minds and similar priorities.  We enjoyed each other's company so much and helped each other in so many ways.  One of my friends there (Dianne) is a L&D nurse at the hospital where I go, and it naturally came up one day that I was 12 weeks pregnant and would hope to see her there in a few months, and we were all so excited!  Then the following week I had to tell them that I had lost the baby, and such.  Right then and there, they formed a prayer circle around me and prayed for me the way Christians do, with my Mormon sisters right in there too.  We are all mothers and we all know the heartache.  It was their way of showing love.  Even the secretary was in tears!

Wanting to remember this dear time in my daughters life, and continuing with the crazy spending spree, and asked my friend to take some pictures.  I realized I hadn't had any professional pictures of Leia done ever.  Actually, when you think about it, we save so much money not having to drive to and from school daily, or to buy uniforms and lunch stuff and all the extras that go with attending school, we probably still saved money...  Below is one of the professional pictures my friend DeAnn took.  They are all so sweet.  To see them go here:
I was excited to capture this time in my daughter's life.  I love her so much.  I think the best thing about her is her laugh.  She is usually happy, and with all those brothers doing crazy things to make her laugh, she is usually laughing!

And she makes me laugh!  A recent quote from her: "Mom, I know why God was mad at Jonah.  He didn't want to go to Vinegar."

"Ninevah, Leia. Ninevah."

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