Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day Camp 2016, Brownsea, NYLT

My last day camp just happened (until Charles turns 8).  Yay!!!  No offense, but it is a HOT, long week being outside all day.  Also, I don't know what it is about my body and camps, but the worst things happen to me when I'm committed to some extended camp thing.  On Trek 3 years ago, I had my anal tear (after giving birth to Charlie), which the doctors kept telling me was just hemorrhoids.  I worked so hard treking in the blazing sun of the Socorro area of NM, and then slept in my car at night crying, without any showers or anything to help it.  Eventually I had surgery to "fix" it, though it will never be fixed.  I now manage the everlasting injury.

Then at the last Girl's Camp, I had to manage a miscarriage, with port-a-potties and far away showers.  It was a painful, hugely uncomfortable mess.  Still, I stayed and did the best I could.

Then after committing to a week of day camp this year, my body sabotaged me again with a period and a really painful boil simultaneously.  I taught six classes everyday (from 8:30-3:30pm) and each class would arrive on the heels of another, so that I was taking care of business behind my car in the trees because I had no time to go to the port-a-potties.  On the last day of camp my clothes were ruined and I had to pick up my kids and leave strategically so no one would see.  I cried to Pat, "Why does my body always sabotage me during things I just can't quit on?!" (I guess there were some years at Girl's Camp where everything went splendid, so I can't say it always goes bad.)

Evan had a great time, and learned a lot, and Leia and Charles got to go to kid's camp (on-site) so I could teach without watching them too.  They had a great time because Sister Bentley does so many fun activities and crafts.  I'm sad I don't have any pictures of them or of camp besides the crime scene above.  I was busy teaching.  The only bad thing that happened at camp, is that Leia wandered away once into a grove of trees.  When I went to pick her up at the end of the day, I could tell it was dawning on them that they hadn't seen her in quite a while.  Everyone was leaving and after searching everywhere (a few acres of camp) I started yelling/screaming frantically at everyone to stop leaving and look for my daughter!!!  I was fully panicked, when suddenly she came out of a grove of trees crying, and I was crying and we hugged and my friend Julie hugged us and the camp staff was so relieved and we were all emotional.  She said she got tired of camp and wanted to go somewhere quiet.  I told her ANYTIME she wanted to come to me, she just had to tell them and they would walk her down to my area.  All's well that ends well, thankfully, but man, that was awful.

Charles was loved by all.  You would think he was a celebrity there. 

The theme this year was law-enforcement, spy related stuff.  C.S.I.  Bomb squad came one day, police horses another, Drug team another.  It was great!  I was asked to teach this week for a cop that couldn't make it last minute.  I followed the instructions given me.  It was basically a crime scene that I had to set up the first day (shown above surrounded in CAUTION tape), and then doing lab work and solving crime puzzles all week, along with some cool fingerprinting and crafts.  The boys seemed to really like it.  I kept having to tell the older scouts that escort the younger scouts around to stay out of it, because it wasn't for them!

The only problem was, the cop had no resolution to his crime scene.  On the first day, the instructions had me read a story of "Mr. Busy Body" and his dinner guests finding the above crime scene, but it was a mystery that would never be solved, and all the boys/older boys/parents were dying to know what had happened.  So for the last day, I came up with a story to explain it all.  The blue footprints, the paint, the brush with dark hair in it, the half-eaten moldy bagel, the cup on it's side with a straw and a bit of brown liquid, the crumpled paper with the words, "It's done" on it, the brown pen, the chalk outline, and the white powder.  If you ever need this lesson, just message me!  It was pretty fun.
This same week that Evan, Leia, Charles and I were at day camp, Dallas was at NYLT, and Sam was at Brownsea.  NYLT and Brownsea are both held at the Gorham Scout Ranch.  I was so worried about Sam (it was his first year), but he and Dallas both had a wonderful time! These are leadership camps, so they are not easy camps filled with fun activities.  They are challenging.  I'm so proud of them.  And I can't say how happy I was to have my whole family back together again!  We drove up about 2 hours to pick them up finally Saturday morning.  They had gotten dropped off the previous Sunday and Monday.  Eeek!!

I really really like my kids.  I think they are soo neat and soo fun!

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