Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Wedding to Remember

Pat's sister Beth married her long time boyfriend Casey and we drove out for a few days to be there with the family for all the festivities. It was wonderful!  Doesn't she make the most lovely bride?! They were married in the Sacramento Temple and it was such a touching and well done ceremony.  So.Well. Done. It was such a joy to be there! Casey and Beth have hilarious group of friends and both come from really terrific families, so we all had a blast celebrating with them.  Everything just went so well! We are so happy for them.

The mothers
 All our kiddos hung out at the church adjacent to the temple, and then joined up for the pictures afterward.  I worked so hard to find clothes that would work with her colors, but in the end, we had to use some school clothes so the boys looked at least decent.  This picture is missing Brian and Steven, and Eric who is in Russia.
 There was a luncheon after the temple put on by Casey's family.  Great food, real cute decorations, and toasts from the friends and family.  Then the preparations for the reception that night began.  We tried to help out, but I don't know how Mom and Dad didn't keel over from exhaustion!

And speaking from keeling over with exhaustion, I am never doing that drive again!!!  I know I say that every time, but I mean it!!!  It was awwwwfuuuul!  There were some neat meteors and some rocket that crashed back to earth (we read about it online since it was spectacular), and Dal's hilarious shadow singing puppet, but other than that...  Then for the trip home, right on cue, the kids got sick, like on every trip home.  On our last day, Dallas woke up with pink eye and an ear infection, of all things!  I don't think he's ever had either those! He wasn't able to swim and enjoy the trip as much because he had a sore throat the whole time.  But when it got really bad that last day, I had to take him to urgent care in Sacramento to get him some meds. 
On the second day driving, Sam got really sick.  On the last day (today) Evan woke up crying with a fever.  Good grief!!!  As if driving endlessly for three days wasn't bad enough!  These trips are so hard.  5 days of driving total for 4 days of visiting.  But I'm glad we left when we did since we got the plague.  Sometimes, you just want to be home.  I'm glad we enjoyed our visit so much before it all fell apart!

We listened to this whole book on audio tape.  This is an excellent book  Every kid going into fifth to seventh grade should read it.  It's about a deformed boy and his experiencing school for the first time in 5th grade (which is middle school in New York?), and how people reacted to him, teaching lessons in true kindness and success.
D's medicine on ice in the cupholder.
Charlie's hippo from the hotel!  He and Leia were great, except for the peeing.  He peed in all his clothes and most of his beds.  Leia did some of that, but mostly we just had to pull to the side of the freeway quick as lightning before she wet her pants.  We did that approximately 9476 times.
Grandma Stanger with some of her grandkids.  Can you tell who the three year olds are? 
Here's all the grandkids at our yearly traditional trip to Leatherby's.  Tradition!  Grandma muggin' in the background. We celebrated her birthday, and Emme's and Sam's!  Emme got that umbrella from us and some fairies that she loved.  Mom got a clock signed by all of us.  And Sam got Star Wars puzzles, a perfect lunchbox for school, and cash.  They all got sung to, too!
Tradition!  Faiiytale Town
Now some pictures to remember Grandma Brenda's house.  Her great-grandma below.

Tarantula skin.  Yuck!
I love this checkerboard
Her backyard
Lovely Amanda

I overheard the kids checking out this "really old phone". 

At their church on Sunday, the primary pianist was playing music I recognized from Pride and Prejudice.  So I took a picture of the piece and the book! (Thanks to him for letting me interrupt).

Charles doing Michael Jackson.
Dallas.  Sassy Since Birth.  He stole that bib from a baby.
Va'a and T playing basketball with Sam and Evan.  So awesome!
Pat talking to Eila.  Mom acting like she never was sick at all.  She is like a whole new person from when I saw her a month ago.  Seriously amazing!!!  I mean, I don't think she's going to the Olympics still, but, with her, you never know!
Now back to Beth's reception.  Watching the super cute video of her and Casey.  It was so funny.
Cutting the cake!
The location, and me!  I was so happy to see Val and Ann Lewis and get to talk to them at the reception!

I asked my nephew Isaac to take this photo of us at the temple!  I wish I could accurately describe my feelings this day.  Light and dark clear to see.  I could feel the magnitude of what Casey and Beth had accomplished; all those we couldn't see with our physical eyes who were there.  Both the ancestors, and Beth and Casey's future posterity.  How much it meant to choose to make a covenant with God, and to choose Him over other things.  The joy of all those we couldn't see was almost palpable.  There is no greater joy as the joy of putting God first, and that was crystal clear to me this day. 
I did SO good eating for the first half of this trip.  I even packed my favorite snack/meal, my tortillas!  But after a few days, they started to go bad, and I started to give in to the temptations all around me, and it all went downhill from there.  Oh, well.  At least I'm home now and can resume my normal diet of nutritious foods that I love.
It was so stinkin' hot on this trip.  All through Arizona and Southern California it was 109 degrees!  It was oppressive.  Sacramento was only around 100.  We were sweatin' it out!
 Handling the snake
 With Great-Grandma Dixie.  Isn't Isabel so beautiful?
 Playing games with everyone
 Going to parks with Grandma and Kat

I'm still waiting for Pat to load some more picture, so I'll continue this post later!

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Christy said...

Looks like a wonderful and fun vacation, even if the drive sucks. I LOVE the book Wonder and made my boys both read it this summer. They loved it and actually thanked me for making them read it. :)