Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Summer

We thoroughly enjoyed our Summer hanging out at the pool with all the other moms and kids.  We were there for 2-4 hours everyday depending on lessons.  I adore these awesome moms and have so much fun being together.  The kids all improved, except Charles who was having none of that.  He and Leia have both tried to drown this year, and scared the....&$%  out of me.  Back to the drawing board next year with them.  Here's a text I sent to Pat about my days with Charles and swim lessons:

"I'm going to have an aneurysm today.  I'm soaking wet, Charles tried every last bit of my patience, and clawed me like I was trying to throw him off Niagara Falls.  We were a huge spectacle for all the other moms."

Luckily, I'm no new mom, and I don't get embarrassed anymore.  We all have kid troubles.

Mandy, Rachel, Tera, Adrian, Julie, Nichole, Dion, pictured with lots of kids.  Missing Misty, Cathy, Amy, Jessica, Ashlee, and others...
Pioneer picnic.  Charles wanted a bonnett, okay!?
Swim meets and water polo games.  What better way to spend the summer?!  Tons of exercise before relaxing each day.  Love it!

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