Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween and Soccer 2016

This year for Halloween, we had a great trunk-or-treat at the church with two wards and then they went "real" Trick-or-Treating in Albuquerque down a few streets.  They had fun, got way too much candy, and enjoyed the unusually warm weather this Halloween.  Evan was a rocker guy, and he even made this guitar case to hold his candy!  It is made out of cardboard, with a hidden box inside for collecting the candy, a handle, and the whole thing painted black.  Evan is so cool.
I took these three youngest ones to the pumpkin patch this year too.  Hay ride, picking pumpkins, big slides, animals, picnic, corn maze, and lots more!  I missed not having D and S, but they seem a bit old to be taken out of school for that now. 
Sam was a bum, Dallas re-used his old man costume (with a walker not shown), Leia was Abigail Adams again, Charles was both an astronaut and Batman, and Evan was a Rocker.  Dallas stayed in character (as a frail old man) at the ward trunk-or-treat really well.  He walked very slowly and bent over with that walker, and any time someone patted him on the back and said, Hi Dallas, he'd fall over into the bushes.  Once he fell splayed out in the street!  Then he'd require assistance to get up.  It was hilarious.  His friend Tessa happened to come as an old lady and the two of them were really great!
Late that night after we were home, four girls knocked on our door and when Dallas opened the door, there was another door!  He had to knock on it.  When it opened there were the girls.  These were girls D's age who went to the haunted house together, and then they proceeded to make jokes about him.  I think they were all dressed like old ladies, but I didn't see.  Anyways, you'd have to ask Dallas about this, but it seemed pretty funny.  He wrote them a silly poem as a thank you (I found this out after one of the moms told me about it!).

There was a Renaissance Fair at our school and Dallas competed in the Shakespeare recitation.  He did St. Crispin's speech, " of England asleep in their beds will think themselves accursed..."!  He got second place, but most people weren't there to see it.  So imagine our surprise a few days later when they called him up and awarded him 2nd place in front of the whole school with a prize of $20!  There was a big cheer and it was so fun!  He also won best costume with his Renaissance get-up, but I didn't get a picture of it, and he really didn't deserve it anyway.  His friend Ben had a more authentic, hand-sewn by his mother, costume and should have won if he had known about the contest :(

Another soccer year done.  I just love being out on the fields during these fall evenings, even if it is inconvenient.  We're so glad it's done, but everyone had fun while it lasted.  Each week it got dark earlier and earlier, so I showed that in the following pictures.  They always have so much fun they stay until they can't see hardly anything!

On the way to school one morning and we looked back at our house and saw a full rainbow over it!
I had to get the full rainbow in two shots since I was in a hurry.

Charles at a Leia game.  She liked playing soccer and had a really good time, but wasn't very effective and got hurt often.  Her last game she got kicked so hard she was bleeding and couldn't walk and Pat was reffing, and I was at a different game, so the other mom's took care of her.  My poor girl!

That was the only bad thing about soccer this year; we really needed another set of parents.  Most every Saturday, their games were at the same time but at three different fields.  Most times Evan just had Sam watching his games because Pat had to ref Leia's games in Tijeras, and I had to take Dallas to Albuquerque.  

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