Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pat's Birthday

For Pat's birthday we went to the church and played basketball.  The kids got him a ball since he's started playing at the church one night a week.  He has loved playing basketball since he was a kid and one of his biggest regrets is never ever trying out for a team.   He always takes the opportunity to play when he can now.

What is it with my kids and plaid shorts?!  They say those are the only shorts they have, so I guess that's my fault, but the other night Evan was at soccer practice with plaid shorts, a striped shirt and knee-high green socks.  It was loud and awful and he looked nothing like the other kids; and he didn't care one bit.

I took these pictures after I stopped playing.  A ghost pushed me over when I didn't even have the ball and no one was even near me.  It was hilarious.  And it hurt.

Pat and his cheesecake.  His face looks like it's on fire.  ha ha

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