Monday, November 14, 2016

Veteran's day, food, and more...

I realize I could organize this better, but it saves me time if I just talk about each picture in the order they pop up.  So this is a great non-lettuce salad I threw together with stuff I had at home: jicama, black beans, edamame, red onion, mango, and pomegranite seeds.  Then a bit of cilantro, lime, and maple syrup.  I needed this for our Super Saturday (the yearly event where the women of the church get together to make crafts, learn in classes, etc.)  But I was glad to happen upon this since I'm frantically putting together a new cookbook for myself and my sister (hoping to finish by Christmas).
Dallas heard his school wanted a special flag ceremony for Veteran's Day so he arranged it with a few other scouts.  They did a wonderful job and had a very solemn and commanding presence.  All the men lined up along the fence are our Veteran's, and the kids all shook hands with them after the ceremony was over. It was very emotional.  One of the speakers has only thumbs and a very burned/grafted face.  We cannot even understand...

Here's the view from the back of the crowd.

This girl of mine was practicing her piano and I took this picture to document her beautiful spiral curls.  She'll probably grow out of this like I did, but at 6 years old, her hair does this naturally if you let it dry on it's own.  It is so pretty!!! 
She has been having trouble making friends at school.  She says at recess she never has anyone to play with.  I think it's getting better now, but for a while she would say how much she wished Evan could play with her (and Evan wishes he could play with her too).  She said there was one girl who would let her color with her (but then Leia said, "She lets me watch her color").  Another time she said that some of her friends told her that she can't play with them anymore.  When I ask her why, it seems I gathered that they're offended because Leia gets up and runs off suddenly.  When I ask her why she runs off she says, "I just need air!  I need to run around and get air, 'cause air is really good for our bodies".  I guess her friends just want to play school all the time and Leia is bored.  I told her to be nice to her friends but that it's okay to go play other games with other people too and run around.  Then she said (about them telling her she can't play with them), "I got really sad, but then I remembered that 'Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!'"  She said this like it was a great comfort to her. 

Three squash stir-fry (in water, not oil) with only Mrs. Dash.  Butternut squash, yellow, and zucchini!

I was doing my math one night, and realized Pat and I are getting older and need to be stretching daily.  (That's one thing I hate about being in school is you spend so much more time sitting!)  So I watched some videos, consulted some people, and came up with a morning routine for us.  We can do it quickly in 20 minutes, or on the weekend 45 minutes to go through them all.  It's important as you age to retain your balance and flexibility.  Pat even says now that his body is upset when he doesn't do it, so he can definitely feel a difference.  The only downside is I have to wake up just after 5am instead of 5:40 for family scriptures.
I know you can't read it, but this is what we came up with.

These girls were lined up outside their classroom next to their artwork.  Leia's is the one on top with the red shirt just like her! 

This is one of my scouts showing off his walking stick that we carved for one of our activities.  He also made a wooden "book" that opens up to a secret compartment inside.  I have great scouts (although I'm about to get some real wild ones I hear).

Best healthy dessert ever!  Slices of butternut squash layered with slices of green apple.  Alternate layers and then sprinkle brown sugar on top.  Bake and serve!  Sweet like candy!
The pine nuts are popping around here again!
I had heard that you can shred a yam (orange sweet potato) and saute it in a little water until mostly soft and then stir in some barbecue sauce and it would taste like a shredded pork sandwich.  So I tried it and it does!  At least it's pretty good.  I ate a shredded "pork" sandwich, and then the next day had some barbecue "pork" over mashed potatoes.  So yummy.  Too much sugar, but occasionally...
Leia's class doing a recitation.  She's in the back row with a shadow on her face.
Two kids ready for school!  I told Leia to just put her hand by her side and she got very serious.
Sam and Dallas play chess with their friends during lunch now, and seem to really have fun.  Sam and Evan are friends with brothers their same ages and went over to play one day and Sam came home and said he beat their dad.  I just laughed.  The things these kids do.  Sam's been able to start going to the temple for baptisms and for some years our ward's youth have been known as the singing youth.  A sister was bearing her testimony about how one of the kids started a certain song and how much it meant to her, and Sam whispered, "That was me!"  

Evan recited this poem with his class recently.  This is his "messy" handwriting.  It's way nicer than mine!
After sharing that I'd had a bad dream the other day, Evan opened up about one he had had.  He was in the back yard playing with Sam and they found a dead jaguar and carried it inside.  Then the house became surrounded by jaguars trying to get in, all wearing little red vests.  Well the picture that this conjured up in our minds was so dang funny that we were all trying not to laugh at his dream, but then Sam couldn't help himself and once he started we all fell apart.  Even Evan was laughing, but tears started to come out simultaneously and his laughter stopped, and my heart broke for him.  Even though it sounded funny to us, I could tell it really was a bad nightmare for him.  Poor guy.  Pat then told us all of a bad nightmare he'd had growing up of sitting on his mom's lap and seeing a lady in red who he knew was a bad lady.  Then the lady came right up to him and bit his fingers.  He has never forgotten that dream, or how terrified he was  (and of course by then, we were all laughing at how hilarious it was).

The boys love to go outside and take funny pictures of the chickens.
Pumpkin cookie time!

During school spirit week, one day they could come dressed as an historical figure.  Leia was Abigail Adams since we already had that dress.  It was fun doing her hair like old times.
What Charlie does at home alone.  He really misses his brothers and sister.  Leia is mostly his best friend, but lately he's been saying that Evan is his best buddy.  Only Evan can take off his bandaid, for example.  When Evan picks him up, he wraps his arms and legs around him and says, "My best buddy!"  One day he was sad though when Leia wouldn't play with him and said, "Mom!  Leia won't let herself play with me!"
Making more granola bars for the kids lunches.
After they're cut and cooled, I wrap each one in a quicksheet...
...then put into a freezer bag.  Each day they grab one and it helps keep their food cool.

Mashed potatoes with my "cheese" sauce and garlic lemon asparagus.
Man, we love Avatar around here.  We've been reading these fun books from the library.

Making bread.  I finally found a toasted grains drink like I had in Chile!  Pero is just like the Ecco or Coronado that we used to drink.  It's been getting cold her and since I don't want to drink sweet hot chocolate, I've been thankful for this warm drink from my memories!

We've been more social lately than normal.  I said to Pat, "Why do people keep being so friendly to us?!", in mock annoyance, and he said, "I know! Soon they'll learn."

The most difficult thing about us is that I strongly dislike board games and Pat loves them.  I'd rather get together and talk, sing, walk, play instruments, dance, watch a movie, etc.  But we have dear friends that like to sit all night playing a game, so I'm trying...  and it's soo painful.  The only games I like are some card games (I used to play a really fun one with the Lewis's), Mexican train domino-type games, the crazy Uno games we used to play as missionaries, pictionary, some games I've played with the Hasler's, etc.  I just didn't grow up in a gaming family.

I realized as I was doing math, where a simple concept would get added to again and again until it was far from simple, that that's why I don't like games!!!  They're like doing math!!!  It's so stressful trying to learn all the rules that keep building on each other and the strategizing that goes with it, and I don't know why people want to stress more on their days off, or why they think that's fun!  But then again, there are weirdos who like math...

Honestly, Heavenly Father let me see a glimpse recently of the beauty in the eternal laws of math, and it brought me to tears almost as sudden as that glimpse was seen.  I can at least appreciate it, even though it's not really my thing.  I did get 100% on my math mid-term, which is historic.  It's all thanks to my live in math tutor :)

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Christy said...

Wow, that was a long message. THanks for messaging me, by the way. It got me motivated to get mine updated. I can't believe I let it go for so long without updating. I tell ya, life is busy! I loved your posts and it looks like you are making lots of yummy and creative food. I love the idea of exercising with your husband in the morning. I walk every day to make sure I am keeping my body healthy and strong but I wouldn't mind doing something with Ben. You are my inspiration, that and the fact that you get up that early in the morning. THAT is amazing. :)

I am sorry you don't like games. YOu need to move back here and come to our game nights. The boys pay games all night and the girls visit (we pretend to play games but really we just visit). :) Maybe if you did a game night with a little bigger group it would be easier for everyone to do what they like. Just a thought. Good luck. I am glad you can appreciate that math now though. Isn't it amazing how the Lord keeps teaching us? I am constantly surprised at what I keep learning. I am glad you are enjoying school and that you have a good teacher. :) Thanks for continuing to post. Love you.