Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Fourteen years old and the theme for this birthday was the last element: FIRE.  However none of my great fire ideas were possible.  I wanted to take Dallas to Hawaii to see the fire dancers or visit an active volcano, but it was a teeny bit out of my budget.  He wanted a party with friends and I had plans to watch Backdraft and other firefighting movies while eating firey (spicy) foods, but we were so busy it never got pulled together in time.  In the end, we decided that whenever he has his Eagle project finished, we'll have that party possibly.  So we had a regular party at home and Dallas chose Mint Chocolate Ice-cream Pie with homemade hot fudge which was a good dessert choice  (I wanted to cover it with meringue and set it on fire like a baked Alaska but that didn't sound good to him, and I hate wasting egg yolks so...).
But we had a good dinner and a lot of fun regardless.  He is an awesome kid and very loved by all of us.

Since he's going to be out at dances and activities at this age, we got him a cell-phone.  He was so surprised.  It's very basic, and he can hardly do anything on it, but at least he can call us to pick him up from dances and such.

Eventually we made the customary shirts; this time one for everyone!  (picture coming soon)

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