Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kat's visit

We've been having a fun visit with Pat's sister Kathryne for these 2 weeks. Being lazy. Watching movies. You know, Christmas vacation. However, we did do a few things more. They saw the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, and this morning Dallas and Kat went horseback riding thanks to our neighbor Nichole. Yesterday we went to Santa Fe and saw the pretty plaza, La Fonda, and four museums thanks to that free library pass!  I also had fun buying lots of girly stocking stuffers for Kathryne!

Dallas spent the whole time cracking himself up.  And us, I guess too.  I said, "I don't know whose child you are", and he instantly sang, "What child is this..."

He spent a ton of time hiding to scare Kathryne and loved tormenting her.  Love courtesy of a 14 year old.

We also went swimming in Rio Rancho!

And some mornings she came with me to work out with my friends.  Julie got us each a jangly belly-dancing type skirt for Zumba!  It was so fun!

Dallas and Kat have been hilarious together and Kathryne was laughing at him so hard after hearing him sing next to her at church on Sunday.  Here they are with some icicles.  More pictures in my Christmas post to follow.

Dallas was hugging old ladies at church and just making every scene he came upon more jovial with his kindness.  After helping me deliver a card to Sister Welsh, I said, "Dallas, you just make every place you go better."
He said, "I don't know about EVERY place I go...     The bathroom; I don't make it better when I go in there."
He is sooo funny.

Today Pat and Kathryne are going on base where he works to play racquetball, and tonight she and Dallas will go to the New Years Dance together!

We also got two new cats with Kat.  One day after workout, I decided to check in at the shelter with her and we found George and Martha, siblings, about 4 months old.  They are litter-box trained and have been working out great!  Sam really wanted a dog, but after checking the shelters around here for weeks and not finding any that made me feel like it was worth taking on the chewing, peeing, pooping, and training that will inevitably be needed, I found these cats, and they were absolutely free.  Shots, spayed and neutered, dewormed, etc.  They're in good health and have already, in just about a week, lost their fear of us.  Sam seems pretty happy (with George especially).  They picked those names in honor of our first president and his wife.  I wanted Oma and Shu, but got out voted. Kathryne loves them and wants to take one home :)  Pat said he'd prefer a snake or tarantula, but he's spent time with them and admitted that they're working out really well.  It took me a long time to get over (not forgive) that snake/tarantula comment.

Kathryne loving the kitties
Kat and Dallas
Art museum exhibits

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