Thursday, January 28, 2016


Daisy's been saying the funniest things lately.

She just told me her hair likes to stick together.  Like a boy piece (she says holding one piece) and a girl piece and they come together and KISS! then they are stuck together.  I like to run my fingers through my hair and separate their kisses.

Also, everyone's been battling a cold lately and Daisy said, "I have two runny noses!", and, "I'm going to drink lots of water so that will get all my sore throats out and all my fevers out of my body."

Friday, January 1, 2016

I love vacation

I love vacation, because I get so much done.  Getting organized and catching up helps put my soul at ease.

Everyone but Charlie has been doing math like crazy since their dad is home.  But we are also reading books watching movies and staying warm by the fire. That, and taking turns throwing up.  Most of us have been battling a stomach bug, but Daisy and Charles throw up every other day.

One of our neighbors gave us a big bag of fireworks in return for our plate of goodies.  It was the nicest thing.  We never do fireworks on New Years, but now we had to.  It felt kind of weird since it was soo cold.  Here we are on the front porch right before we started.

But we had a great time, and the fireworks were huge- like cities use in their big shows.  Our neighbor Warren came over because we had to borrow his launcher.  I'm sure everyone wondered why we were celebrating the New Year at 5pm.  We have kids!  Warren stayed and talked with us for a good while afterward in the warm house.

Above, Daisy is learning how to cook no-bake cookies, and below she is working on math.  The boys have been catching up on geography too as you can see on the chalkboard.

We also had a party with some of our favorite families and played some really fun new games.  I always wish I had taken pictures.  I only got this one of our reindeer antlers after we got home.

 I'll be taking a break from social media for at least a month.  I hope you have a wonderful New Year!