Thursday, May 26, 2016


One of our scouting parents took this and I stole it from facebook since I never remember to take pictures when I'm with other people!  It's us scout leaders doing the Ear-Wash skit!  My Bears got a lot of awards this night and we've had a lot of fun lately hiking, cooking outdoors and learning knots.  I am so not a knot/scouting person.  It's really hard for me, having learned the young women's program for so long (and before that Relief Society), to now have to learn the scouting program.  I miss being in the Stake Young Women's presidency a lot.  My heart is sad to not be at Girl's Camp this year.  I still think in that mode; wondering about dances, and if the Stake has started planning for Trek next year and checking out locations; it's ridiculous.  I just did it for so long... it's hard to not think like that.

But scouts is great too since I know it these boys are being molded into the men of the future and I get to work with a lot of great scout leaders.  Thankfully Pat helps me figure things out.  We will all be at various scout camps in a couple weeks and  I'll be teaching at cub camp all week.

And Evan just completed his Bear!!!  He's leaving me next month and moving on to Webelos. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The colors that I look well in don't include blues since I need warm colors. But Sam was wearing a bright blue shirt one day that looked good (we have the same coloring) so I found this bright blue shirt at Walmart and thought it looked fine. So I guess blues for me need to be bright like this. Or if I'm wearing a dark navy blue, it needs to have some bright autumn yellow jewelry or shoes.

When Pat came out dressed for church, Evan said, "I really like your yellow tie dad!", I was thinking the same thing, and then he said, "It matches your teeth." (He was making a joke, and succeeded in busting us all up).  Then I made Pat pose for a picture so I could tell it to you!
Leia set up a picnic. 

We were doing situps with our feet hooked under the couch.  Charles got a little bit more than his feet under!  Then he started doing situps! 

Playing in the wind

Leia's talk, mostly from her own words.  She read it all on her own, with just a little help.  The hardest word for her to pronounce was apostles and Joseph Smith.  She could not wrap her tongue around those.  Certain words just bother her.  Like Breakfast.  I don't know when she'll ever get that one.


Oh my goodness! Evan needed to visit a historical site to complete his Bear, so we took a day to go to the ruins called Quarai, an hour from our house.  It was SUCH a beautiful day!!!!  The furthest out ward in our stake is Estancia, and this was even out past that, but I wanted to live out here after this drive.  If you can imagine away a bit of fencing, it is wide open prairie straight out until forever, like in the old days; or straight out to the mountains, depending on which way you're facing.  And look at our gorgeous New Mexico skies!  These pictures don't do it justice- (just my phone camera).  I felt like we were the Ingalls family way out West in Indian Territory. And we've had a lot of rain lately, so it was very green! (For NM).  
Mountains FAR away.
Old homes of wood and stone

Tiny graveyard
Pretty arch

We finally got there and walked along the path leading to the ruins.  Steph- you've been here!
Kids reading the signs
Come around the bend, and there she is!  We traveled all the way to Ireland to see ruins just like these, (but made of grey colored stones and different people).  Yet the brick-like shape of the stones and the manner of construction is quite similar. Isn't it beautiful!?  I walked around in awe.  We were the only ones there and the boys played hide-n-seek in the many rooms out back, being careful to never touch anything. 

We got ice-creams on the way home and Sam hugged me and said thank you for taking us on a fun adventure.  That guy always surprises me.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Our town has been beautiful, even if it has been a bit stormy. Two snow days since we got back from California. Springtime is cruel here. But it's been very green for New Mexico, and it is warming up finally!

Dad and Charlie posing with the tortoise on scout night.

Pictures Evan's been learning to draw with his drawing book!

Evan playing O Sole Mio.  The best thing I ever did was have my kids learn music.  It makes me so happy!  His piano teacher said she assigned him this song because it was the hardest in the book.  Evan said, "My teacher finally found something challenging for me."  He says this in his quiet sweet way, with a little smile.

Sam has many challenging songs, but he saw Greensleaves (one of my favorites) in a book and learned it.  Now he plays it for me all the time.  There's a neat story about King Richard coming home from the crusades being kidnapped by the duke of France (who he'd offended I think), and he was locked in a high tower forever.  One of Richard's loyal servants in England refused to let him disappear without trying to find him, so he traveled all over Europe looking for him.  Whenever he'd come to a tall tower or castle, he'd sit down at the base and sing Greensleaves, and old English song, so if Richard happened to be there he'd recognize it and know help was come.  One day, after singing the first verse, he heard a voice begin to sing the second verse.  It was Richard.  Soon he was freed and returned home after years of confinement.

Now the Greensleaves tune is of course used for my favorite Christmas song, What Child Is This?

Dal also has some neat songs!

Shells and sand all over my house from the beach, and I don't mind a bit.  I felt sad sweeping it up!