Sunday, July 10, 2016

July Update

Charles always says the word either for too.  Like, "I want to go either!"
We're always correcting him.  Then last night Leia said, "I would not want to be out in the thunder and lightning", and Charles said, "Me either", which really does mean too!  I can see why he gets confused!

This girl seems to have leaped forward and grown a ton this summer!  I'm glad I got those ballet pictures taken when I did!  She lost her first tooth!  She let her dad pull it out.  And at this very moment, she is asking her dad to pull out her next loose tooth.  They were both ready to go!

She has the best time out at the swimming pool each day with her friends Celia, Paige, and Sasha.  Sometimes Gabe, Savannah and others when they come too.  They play and talk and have a great time.  When I showed up for a water polo game last week without Leia, those three girls came up to me with their hands on their hips asking where she was.  "Why didn't you bring Leia?", they demanded.  It made me laugh.

I was telling some friends (Julie and Liz) the story of Evan and the deer today.  It goes like this: There were 7 deer in our back yard, from the back porch to the back fence (so really close).  Charles and Leia discovered them at around 6am and we all stood at the back windows watching them.  We called the the big boys to come and see the deer!  Dallas and Sam came out, and last of all Evan, who opened the back door and marched right out.  We figured he wanted to see them closer.  We found out later, he was still half asleep, and hadn't even heard us, so was going out to feed the chickens as he always does.  He walked, head down, past most of the deer (who for some reason stood staring without moving), straight to the chicken house.  When he opened the latch, it awoke the deer from their trance and they started bounding away.  We saw him look up startled.  Evan said later, "I was scared to death!  Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw all these large things jumping! I didn't know what was happening!"  (I told Liz and Julie that I didn't know why they hadn't run when Evan first went out by them and Julie said immediately, "Because Evan is like the male version of Snow White!" Liz agreed, and I was thoroughly amused).

The other day Charlie took his cup to our water dispenser to get water, and he pushed the handle up into the locked position.  After a few seconds the water started over flowing and Charlie started dancing in place frantically, still holding his cup under the water.  Pat told Charlie to turn off the water, but he was completely panicking at this point and crying that he couldn't, while still dancing in place. When Pat told us about this later, re-enacting Charlie's dance, we all busted up laughing.  Sam spewed the water he was drinking everywhere.  Pat always does hilarious reenactments of the kids.

Here's some pictures of the 4th of July parade:

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Funny quotes lately:

Leia watching a movie: "I don't want to watch this part.  It creeps me up."

Evan after swimming in the individual medley and being asked by Pat why he did that:
 "I didn't know what was coming.  I just got in line."
(The IM is where you have to do all the strokes yourself (butterfly, back, breast, free) rather than just doing one and then tagging your next teammate as in a relay.)

Beautiful rainbow Albuquerque
All the boys did their best at their first ever swim meet, so we were happy!  Sam was really nervous, so all the older girls decided to cheer for him while he raced.  I thought that was so nice, but it may have embarrassed him more.

Lately we've been fixing up the house to refinance again since interest rates are so low, and we got it appraised and it's actually worth what we bought it for again!  For years it's been tens of thousands under water.  We got a 15 year fixed.

D's funny Wanted poster for the centipede that tried to move in.
Pat and I ran the cub scout bike rodeo in June.  There was a slowest race (which is all about balance), a weaving through cones skill ride, a dropping pebbles into pitchers skill ride, and we blocked off most of the church parking lot to make a huge track they could just enjoy.  It was fun!

I went to visit my mom in California.  I took Dallas, and though I always enjoy being with Dallas, he was funnier than even I expected.  We had a great time.  He was really good playing with his little cousins, and finally got to show Grandma what a talented pianist he is.  We camped out on her couches and I cooked lots of healthy food with no salt, oil, sugar, meat, or dairy for everyone, and tried to help Steph get ready for June's first birthday party.  We also tried to organize some of the cupboards in the kitchen.  There's no end to the work that needs to be done there.  It's frustrating not being near.  My mom is in stage 4 heart failure, and is suffering with a host of other problems.  She fell down twice while I was there and it was really scary.  I'm glad Steph and T have moved in with her and are caring for her with the help of Va'a and another really nice lady (a relative of Steph's).  My mom has great neighbors and people around her who care for her.  I wish I could just make all her meals and be able to help more... 

When I came home from California, Pat had Charles sleeping without diapers.  Way to go Pat!!!

If I ever get my way and have a family band, I know that Charles will be the singer.  He LOVES to sing.  He's mesmerized by the music leader on Sundays, he dances and sings his heart out at home, and he's always asking me the words to songs.  Recently it was the Farmer in the Dell, or as he puts it, "Da Parmer in da Dell".  He was asking me, "What does the Farmer take?", and then, "What does the wife take?", all through the song.  He is so cute.

 We've been at the pool for swim team, water polo, and lessons everyday for hours.  It's something that I enjoy in the summer and the kids are doing well.  Except Charles who LOVES to swim, but gets so scared of his teachers that he cries through all his lessons.  He'll do better next time.  Sometimes, just waiting until next summer makes a huge difference.  We tried everything with him, and he just isn't ready.  The cute thing is that the grandmas and grandpas have their exercise class in the same pool at the same time, and as I would be sitting next to Charles while he cried at the edge of the pool, I would sometimes look up and see all these compassionate, worried grandparents watching him.  After their class they would stop by and talk nicely to Charles, giving him encouragement and love.  He wouldn't talk to them, but he told me later that they were nice.  He's so funny.  He even tells me his teachers are nice, but he just gets nervous.  It didn't help that they did the lessons in the big pool instead of the one he can stand up in.  It's scary and he gets so sad.  One of the grandpas came up to me and said, "If you posted a video of his face during swim lessons you'd get a million hits with that face."

For some reason, I keep having annoying health problems of my own.  I spent 4th of July in the ER for severe stomach pain, but they couldn't find anything wrong, and said I probably just got bad food poisoning.  I was sick for two days before I went in.  I've had a dumb boil for over a month now that makes it impossible to do a lot of things, and despite all this we are trying to enjoy our summer.  There's only so much I CAN'T do.  What I mean by that is, when you have kids, it's hard to quit everything and stay home.  I'm trying to find a dermatologist.  They all have a three month or more waiting list.  The one I called today said to call in August to schedule for December!!!