Saturday, January 21, 2017

A few random things.  More granola bars.  The back one has almonds, craisins, and white chocolate chips.  The front one has butterscotch chips and pumpkin seeds.  They are my two favorite granola bar recipes.  Tightening our budget means I need to make more food so Pat can take these to work too and not have to buy food during his long days.

Handsome kids.  We're always at church super early now because Dallas has to set up chairs and help with the sacrament, Sam has to put up the flag and pass the sacrament.  Here's Evan.
Charles and Sam.  One night Charles had a bad dream and came into our room crying about lava. I was so sad for him!  Except that now every night he has the lava "dream".  Usually it's before he's ever fallen asleep.  And he always needs to come into our bed of course.
Our dearest girl.

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