Sunday, January 22, 2017

Family Visit

My brother, Eric, just got home from his mission in St. Petersburg, Russa.  It was an opportunity to go home to see my family, and all of my siblings were there.  It's not very often that all 8 of us get together any more.

For how uncomfortable this was getting all of us onto the stairs, I think the picture turned out great!
It was great getting to go to the Sacramento temple with some of my family.  I grew up going down to Oakland and have only been to the new temple a few times, but I love it each time.  Especially when I can go with family.

We got to sit around and talk.  And eat lots of good food.  And play lots of games.  You know, all the stuff we do when our family is together.

Everyone that was visiting, with spouses and kids that were in town. 
Sam got to come along and hang out with his cousin that's nearly his same age, and visit with all the aunts and uncles as well.  I just love all my brothers and sisters and was so happy to see them all.  I'm glad Eric came home and gave us the excuse to get together again.

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