Monday, January 2, 2017

K School Plans or Ideas

Just notes for me in case I lose them. As you can see, a child already spilled a drink on them :)
I made a plan for the rest of my schooling, because without a plan it certainly won't happen.  However, I am not determined to make it happen either.  I want it to happen.  The sooner the better!  But if it doesn't that's okay too.  Now that I know I cannot have any more kids, I am trying a few paths simultaneously until I feel which one is right. 

I would like a degree. It's something to keep my brain alert, to provide for us if anything ever happened to Pat, to help others, to help with missions and college tuitions that are quickly approaching.  However, I won't do anything to overly neglect my kids or rack up debt.  I don't want to miss my time with them!  For example, I want Charles to have the one-one-one time I had with his older siblings.  I am lucky that Pat is able to take care of us.  I know some mothers have no choice.  They have to work, like my mom.  When situations like that arise, I think God makes up the difference if we are faithful. Though it still bites. But as a general rule, I'd say, if you have a choice, be with your kids!!!  They need you.

I'm a curious person and I like to understand things.  I love being a mother, and have so much yet to learn about nurturing and homemaking and wife-ing.  I love to listen to radio podcasts, read books, observe people.  My callings at church constantly challenge me and stretch me.

Pat and I have also started taking foster/adoption classes.  They will probably tell us our home is too small, and it may not work out for a number of other reasons, but we would love it if it did.
Then there's the amount of things I volunteer for, or callings that I have.  Parent Advisory Council at the school, music lessons, three classes this semester, tons of kids stuff, primary presidency, trek, etc.  The state is trying to shut down our school for a variety of non-issues to mask the fact that they don't like charter schools, especially not ones that are conservative with a classic education.  It's a messy time that will require much.  I'm not sure how these things will be resolved. 

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