Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sam in Braces

Sam has real trouble with bright lights, so trying to get this last picture of him without braces was pretty impossible.  Front view:
Side view:
Now with all his hardware:
His dad didn't even see his braces for four days because Sam usually keeps his mouth closed like this now.  We love our orthodontist.  He and his partner are returned missionaries, my age, both speak Spanish, super cool, and the main guy runs his business really efficiently.  Everyone is so professional, but they also dress up one day a week to a theme.  It is the one day a week that they schedule all the braces to be removed.  We feel so blessed to have him too because we were quoted $10,000 at the first two orthodontists we interviewed.  He is significantly less!  But yes, braces are super expensive.  It's going to hurt having two in braces at the same time.  I hope it turns out well. 
I told the doctor how I see so many people who've had braces and their teeth stick out too much nowadays.  When you look at them, all you see is teeth.  Perfectly straight teeth, but teeth!  I look at the youth and I can tell whose had braces because they're all teeth!  How are they going to kiss each other someday?  Their teeth will crash together!  I asked why that is, since all his perfect plastic models look that way too.  He said orthodontists got together and decided this was the best look for most humans (basically).  I said I didn't like it, so he's going to file down Dallas's teeth a bit and pull them back in.  I don't like the filing, but they assure me it's safe and that they do it for different reasons multiple times a day.  I was worried about having less enamel to protect from cavities, but they seemed to dismiss that as not a worry.  Okay.  It's hard being a mom, and speaking up for your kids (well, not so hard for me, but hard for some people), but I had to say something when my Dallas started to look like one of those toothy kids and not like himself anymore.  And I didn't want it to happen to Sam too!  My doctor said, some ortho's will never pull teeth, so it makes the arc flare out and the teeth super prominent, but if he feels the arc will come out too far, he'll pull teeth to bring the teeth in.  I had four teeth pulled and my teeth are straight down, maybe even angled back a titch, and I wouldn't like it any other way.  This is part of why I love this doctor though.  Some people get offended when I'm blunt, but he doesn't, and I can just joke and have a good time.  You don't find people as awesome as that very often!

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Marco said...

What a handsome young man. So glad that the braces procedure went well and that Sam did not suffer any troubles from them. The pondering about how will the kids kiss each other one day had me rolling on the floor in hysterics. You are quite the mother! Good luck to you and your family going forward!