Monday, February 27, 2017

Charter Renewed and Talent Show!

Michael Jackson celebration moves

We are so glad the PEC reversed their decision and renewed our school charter.  The whole thing was ridiculous and cost us another year of being able to build our new facility (and cost in many other ways too).  There were no clear allegations against us of any wrongdoing, and our governing council was practically ambushed in a meeting and not given the opportunity to even respond to the arbitrary and ambiguous statements.  The legal battle will continue because they only gave us three years instead of five they should have, but at least we know we'll have a school next year.  I go back and forth between home school and the charter school as I feel is right or necessary each year, and I can't say how glad I am to have this wonderful school choice for my kids.

I can't believe that next year I will have a high schooler.  I toured the other options for high school up here where we live, and making that choice will be difficult for Dallas.  One has way more funding, and therefore way more activities (hobbies, music, sports, clubs, etc).  Our school has hardly a thing, so the high school age kids tend to leave for greener pastures which is understandable.  I certainly wish there were more teachers, and more of those options.  But along with the greener pastures, you sometimes get all the kids that don't want to be there, who aren't interested in learning, are into bad things, and you are just one of many.  I love the family feel of our school.  When I showed my 1st grader this picture of our seniors (this years graduating class), she knew several of them by name because they help with her P.E.!

We also watched the seniors do a Charlie Brown skit at the talent show, and they were so funny and comfortable together.  The teachers did a really funny skit too! (several of the teachers at the school are from our church).

During a talent show break, they played, "Celebrate good times!" by Cool and the Gang to celebrate our recharter.  All of us in the audience at the PAC just danced and danced and a few students even got up on stage and danced their hearts out.  It was so fun!  These are indeed good times. 

Here's a picture of the whole school.  Small and sweet out here in New Mexico.

And here's the wonderful job the boys did on their talent show performance.  (Leia did a cute song with her first grade class too, which you probably can't hear).  We have so much talent, and I was so impressed by some of the performances.  I could have had all my kids do piano and stuff, but I knew that would be boring, so just Sam played Phantom of the Opera on the piano, and the three together did their Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) dance.  It was certainly one of the best.  It was was definitely my favorite!!! (though I told them not to sign up anymore.  I don't have time for this!)

Dallas, Sam, and Evan Dancing to Smooth Criminal:

 Sam's Piano Piece - Phantom of the Opera:

Leia's first grade class song (she's on the far right):


Steph said...

This made me so happy! They all did so good! So proud of them!!!

Christy said...

So fun. I am so glad your school is up for another 3 years, at least! What a blessing. I know what you mean about trying to pick a high school. I am struggling over here and next year we will put my oldest son into another high school. It will be his Junior year and 3rd high school because we want to find a program that is just right, with his anxiety and depression. Those small schools are WONDERFUL though. My 2nd son Ammon is in a charter school in junior high and he loves it. He says no one is mean to each other. Everyone gets a long and it doesn't matter. And they get to go to the younger classes and be "buddies" and do fun things with them. It is amazing. Good luck.