Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Karisa Read This Before Cutting Your Hair!

If you have decided to go short, it can't be any shorter than these! 
And you don't need bangs.  Maybe face-framing that starts at your jaw and on down.  (If you do cut bangs, they should be cut at about the tip of your nose.  Trust me!  I am you.)

Karisa- you don't look good with chopped up hairstyles like below.  You need long and simple in the front (like above).  Or with only a thin bang layer.

These (below) are the best your hair has ever looked short.  Just make sure it's like an A-line; longer in front, and chopped up a bit in back like the top picture.

This one is chopped up a bit, but seems to look okay for some reason.  Normally I hate it when it proceeds to get longer and longer as it goes toward the back.
These two, below, were using hot curlers.  But it was a bit of work!  I don't like work.

Okay, here's an exception to the bangs rule.  If you have just a tiny bit of bangs like this below, that come at least to the corner of your eyebrow, that will work.  The rest of the hair mostly the same length to the shoulders or longer.

Most of the time, go for long unless you just need a break.  You love your long hair; being able to scrunch it with gel, or blow dry it out straight with a little coconut oil to control it..  You love being able to braid it on the side, or ponytail it.  Do not layer your long hair!  (Maybe light scissor drag, or the thinning shears since it gets really thick in the middle of the back only). 

 I tell you these things for your own good Karisa.  You need it, after what you did today.

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