Monday, February 20, 2017

Leia is 7 ! Charles is 4!

Last minute I decided to throw a party for Leia.  She hasn't had one with friends in years, and I knew next year would probably be just family since she's turning 8.  So we had a party for 7!!!  If I had to sum up Leia, it would be clumsy, excited, dramatic (especially in fights with her brothers), and sweet.  I wish you could hear her talk.  Her primary teacher broke her ankle badly and hasn't been to church for months.  Leia uses big language with her tiny voice and was so cute talking about Sister Ettin's "damaged foot".  Her tiny voice reminds you she's only a first grader, but her language cracks us up; like she's much older. 

I was thinking of what games to play and such to keep the kids entertained.  Then I just decided to rent a bouncy-house-thing from someone down the street.  I don't know why that came to mind, but it was so perfect!  Especially in my super-busy life right now.  It was $150, which is a lot, but they set it up, took it down, and other than that, we only bought ice-cream cones for all the kids, and it wasn't so bad.  I figured it would count for Charlie's birthday too.  Plus, the kids all got to play on it like crazy and loved it so much!  I wondered if they'd get bored, but not at all.  They just kept going in a circle; up and down, up and down.  I'm sure they were totally worn out after the party!  There were some side games like freeze tag and Dallas throwing kids down the slide if they wanted it. 

I told all the parents "No Gifts", but she got some anyway, and they were the neatest things!
This beautiful dress, for example, came from her friend Isaac, whose mom is the most talented seamstress I've ever known.  She whipped this out quick that morning, because she "didn't feel like going to Walmart".  It is so cute!!!  We love it! 

Friends from church, dance, and school.

The kids loved the swingset too!

Just our family.  We had the bouncy slide for four hours (though it ended up being 5) so our kids got to play before and after the party.  (It was just a 2 hour party).

I love that Leia's hair is getting so long that I can do cute things with it!
These were the dolls her friend K made (with his mother) for her!

Since Leia's in first grade, I made these cookie flowers for her class.  On their way out at the end of the day, they got to walk by this flower box and pick a flower!  I told them to not eat them until they asked their parents if it was okay.  The cookies were baked with sticks in them and then wrapped and stuck into that green foam for flower arrangements, and topped with a moss/grass looking cover which you can't see.  It was so fun!

Then we had cake and blew out the candles just with our family at night.  Aunt Stephanie sent a box of the cutest girly things!  It made ME so excited!  I'll have to get a better picture closer up, but this is a darling lady-bug dress, and an adorable locket, with cute bracelets and bows to go with it!  She loves it!  And we love Aunt Stephanie!!!

And we have a four year old!  I have so much to say about Charlie, but my time is limited, so for now... Happy Birthday Charlie!!!   He did a good job blowing out his candles.
Leia gave him a princess of hers as a gift.  He was visibly disappointed and said, "Awww."  Then as he opened his next present, we heard him say under his breath, "I hope it's not a girl present."  He is so funny!
We didn't find anything for him we liked, so he just got a couple little things from his siblings.  And his favorite: these super heros from his friend P, whose mother made the princess ones for Leia!  These cute super heros crack me up!  The curl for Superman is to die for :)

 I love how I woke up in the morning and Evan and Leia had decorated for Charlie's birthday by putting up those streamers and balloons and making this special placemat and chair for him.

Had a fun day at the Biopark on his birthday, but Pat couldn't come :(. We are so dang busy, there was not other time, so we just had to go.

Funny note: Charlie's brothers are about to dance in the talent show and Charlie has learned the dance pretty good himself.  Too bad he's not in it!  He's the cutest of all, and a surprisingly good dancer!  But he had his first prayer in primary yesterday, and although he says prayers really well at home, he wouldn't do it in primary, so I doubt he'd ever dance in front of people.  When my friend Theresa called him up to say the prayer, she said he walked up like he was going to his death; like someone had asked him to walk the plank.  His face can be so funny.  But he is slowly coming out of his shyness and that's hilarious too, when he does something crazy and unexpected.

Then a package came from Aunt Stephanie, Uncle T, and June!!!  She's aware that we hope to see the Lego Batman movie sometime and got him this really cool Lego Batman costume!  He wears it all the time.  Best ever!!!

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