Monday, February 27, 2017

This kid is the king of throwing fits and being contrary.  One day Pat wanted to go out and swing with him and it was really cold, so we put his coat on.  He kept ripping it off.  So we put it on backward and buttoned it up the back so he couldn't take it off.  That was hilarious.  And it allowed us to capture his pout face.  Now before you go feeling sorry for his cute self, let me just tell you that we went to Costco today and he refused to go to the bathroom when Pat took him.  So we left the store and then in the car he said NOW he had to go.  Back into Costco we trekked, and he sang, "I made you go back in the store."  Don't let the shyness fool you.  He's sharp.  He's also a punk. 

I found this book I used to have at the thrift store!!!  I loved it when I was little.  I remember always wishing for the yummy food inside. 
Pat's mom, Brenda, always does a family calendar each year.  Here's the pictures of our family that were in it.  I like this first one because we didn't have it and it was of them with their Texas cousins on a hike we took here in NM.

I just can't get over how much Leia has grown.  This picture below just makes me smile. (Which is more than we can say for Charlie).
Leia made us laugh the other day as she told on a boy in her class who talks to much.  She said, "And I didn't want to invite him to my birthday party, because he makes everyone laugh!"
Pat said, "Well then he would probably be really fun at your party."
She replied, "No Dad, I don't want to be changing my pants every 5 minutes!"

I miss that girl so much, and though she's doing superb socially and academically, she still has many days when she cries to please "just stay with you".  That kills me.  I might homeschool her next year again since it will be the last year Charlie is home, and my last chance to be with them full-time before going into nursing school (if I go).  They grow up so fast, so my schooling is secondary to them.  But the current plan is for them to all be in school at some point and for me to be doing nursing.  But we'll see...

For some years now Dallas will grab any vegetable scraps he sees in the garbage and take them out to the chickens.  I think that's so neat.  I always want to save them for that or composting, but I always forget.  He's been caring for people's animals in our ward and for a teacher at school and is so responsible and dependable.  He's always making me laugh and I just think he's awesome.

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