Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On Saturday night, we told our kids that their dad was going to be the bishop the next day.  This morning as we were getting ready for church, Leia said, "Well, today's the big day!".  Impressed that she remembered I asked her what was happening today.  She replied, "Sister Ettin is finally coming back to primary!" (her teacher who broke her ankle).  I just love this girl.  Are we not all fellow servants?

Everyone has been so kind.  P. Manning came to me and in great delight gave his approval, followed by the phrase, "My condolences.  I'm sorry for your loss." This was probably the most appropriate reaction (from someone who knows). 

After church we went to Pat's office to say goodbye.  All the kids yelled "Daddy!" and gave Pat goodbye hugs; but Charlie just yelled, "Hey Bishop dude!".  (We are bewildered as to where he would get that).

We told Pat's parents they didn't need to come, but they did, and Charlie and Pat spent a good deal of time arguing about whether or not he even had parents.  Pat tried to explain that Grandma and Grandpa were his parents, but Charlie said, "You don't have parents!  You're a dad!!!"

So we got to enjoy spending time with the Grandparents, and Kathryne and had a lot of fun.  Grandpa likes to walk A LOT now, and so it was fun to go walking with them (even though D would ride next to us ringing his bell).  Dallas got made fun of by me for having a dorky bell on his bike. I just love Dallas, because instead of getting offended he started talking to his bell saying, "It's okay.  Don't listen to her."  Man he cracks me up.  He made pretty hilarious vlogs of his time with Kathryne too. 

I wonder if Pat was chosen to be bishop because of our wonderful kids and not because of us at all.  They have helped us so much this week (and they always do), and they didn't even know why we needed the extra help.  I am just so incredibly thankful for them. 

Pat and I cannot hold a candle to the former bishop, but the confidence of the Stake presidency meant so much to me today, along with the support from our ward.  Former Bishop Nuckols said there would be an intense pouring out of the Spirit in our home to help us and protect us.  The Shepherds expressed their love and support and I could tell that they felt both sad, and 100lbs lighter at the same time. 

When I told our neighbor and good friend Warren about it, he wondered why we would be willing to do something that required so much extra service without any pay.  I said it was a privilege to serve God.  I never know what to say in situations like these.  That seemed like too simple an answer, but it is hard to quickly sum up.  It is choosing the harder right instead of the easier wrong, like Jesus Christ did for us.  It is why we're willing to take His name upon us, keep His commandments and always remember Him; because he loved us first! *smile*

When you stand with God, you never stand alone.  I choose to stand with Abraham, with Nephi, and Moroni.  With Abinadi who testified in flames.  With Alma, with President Monson.  With those not of our faith who have the light of Christ.  I am so thankful for my husband.  Even in the midst of overwhelming schedules, we've made time for each other and been happier in our marriage than ever before recently.  This, I know, would never have come without us both loving and serving God more than we love ourselves.

Now a funny from Leia: She's been learning about liquids, solids, and gases, and she knows the air around us is a gas.  Her little friend Heidi came over to play, and as they were swinging together Leia kept asking Heidi, "Do you feel the gas?!?"
I'm sure Heidi hadn't any idea what she was talking about.

Dallas and I practicing our mad faces.

Charlie totally came out of his shell and was his normal (fairly normal), talkative, loving, crazy self.  What a surprise!
Leia said this poem at family night. 

The boys took torturing their aunt very seriously. 

Best friends.
with Grandma
more torturing
oldest and youngest

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